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Monday, 29 February, 2016

Packaging Seminar


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The Packaging Markets: Understanding the Dynamics

This presentation illustrates how packaging professionals across the board can drill down into information provided by RISI to get the maximum information across the whole spectrum. Subjects include: What information is actually provided? How do prices work? How do the various models flow together? There is also in-depth information on how RISI’s Benchmarking information can be applied to get real, measurable results when it comes to the dynamics of the packaging market. 


The Packaging Industry in Europe

Minimizing fiber sourcing risk and increasing resource efficiency in packaging.

The recent COP21 conference in Paris was a huge event and hosted the largest gathering of world leaders ever. The pulp, paper and packaging industry has a major part to play in the planet’s future and has every opportunity to be part of the solution, not part of the problem of slowing down climate change.

WWF will present various information on its reports, including:

* Key findings of WWF Living Forest Report: 11 deforestation fronts and key drivers analysis, in particular the role of the pulp and paper industry in the Asian region.

* Other important environmental challenges in the packaging industry

* Transparency tools as a means to display progress - Environmental Paper Company Index results 2015



What do the Brands want out of Fiber Packaging

Paul Jenkins from UK packaging innovation consultancy ThePackHub will access what brands want from fiber-based packaging in this whistle-stop tour review of the latest innovations. Which categories have been most active? What role does the consumer play in helping to direct the change? What can suppliers do differently to ensure that brands understand the opportunities for fiber based packaging? This is the place to find out.


More than Just a Printed Package

In adding reusable electronics and an IT system to cardboard and ink Mevia has developed a way of helping and supporting patients in how to take their medication. Join the session and listen to how Mevia is developing the paper industry to create products far greater than just traditional cardboard and ink.


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How to Protect as well as Boost Consumer Brands with Fiber Based Packaging: New Trends and New Ways

How Protection of Product Quality ensures Consumer Confidence and avoids negative Media Attacks.

How the Utilization of New Trends can help to stand out on the shelf and Boost Consumer Brands.

How Digitalization – use connectivity for full supply chain traceability – as well as the smart Use of Labels can be employed to protect and boost consumer brands.


Packaging of Tomorrow - Encouraging Innovation

Conscious consumers and brand owners have great expectations of what packaging must deliver. The Heaven Company is working in collaboration with universities and a leading paperboard producer to address the challenges of re-designing the packaging of everyday items to make them more sustainable. During the session, Veronica Heaven will share the learning jointly found through the Packaging of Tomorrow project; the appetite for sustainable packaging innovation from Generation Y and brand owners; and, whether the premise of Packaging of Tomorrow may be a good thing.


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