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Fredrik Rosén


Director, Market Strategy


Fredrik Rosén is Director of Market Strategy at Innventia and has been active within the paper and renewable packaging industry for more than 10 years. After joining Innventia in 2003 as a researcher he has worked in a wide range of areas spanning from process improvements of paperboard production to perception of consumer packaging and business intelligence. His work today focuses on strategy in general and the future of the paper and packaging industry in particular.

Fredrik earned his MBA from London Business School in 2013. He also holds a Master of Science degree in physics from Umeå University and a Bachelor degree in finance from Stockholm University.


Boosting Pulp and Paper with Science

Day Two

Wednesday, 2 March, 2016

What does self-opening packaging, textile like paperboard and the world’s first lignin-based carbon fibre composite have in common? They are all demonstrators of future use of wood fibres developed by Innventia – a world leading research institute that works with innovations based on forest raw materials.

Fredrik Rosén will present Innventia’s approach to foresight driven innovation. Highlights from the Innventia Global Outlook Reports “Packaging 2020” and “Papermaking Towards the Future” will be presented. Packaging 2020 describes seven global forces and their impact on the packaging industry and the packaging of the future. The conclusions are based on a survey carried out among consumers in the US, India and Sweden. “Papermaking Towards the Future” is based on an expert survey with 150 respondents from 21 different countries and maps the most important trends and driving forces for tomorrow’s papermaking. 

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