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David Katsnelson


Director, Macroeconomics


David Katsnelson

David has over 15 years market experience in the financial industry, including over a decade as a trader for boutique hedge funds and brokerages in New York and Boston. He also co-founded ProSeed Capital Holdings, an international venture capital company. David is responsible for collecting, analyzing, forecasting, and communicating macroeconomic data and its relevance to clients throughout the forest product industry. He is the editor of RISI's Monthly Economic Commentary and the Economic Outlook chapters that appear in all RISI forecasts.


The Global Economy - Rising Risks

Helping the Forest Products Industry Make Better Decisions - Day 1

Tuesday, 10 March, 2015

The last few months have seen major shifts in the global economy – repricing of commodities and currencies, dramatic central bank actions, and increased geopolitical uncertainty.  How will these changes affect the major economies of the world?  What will be the effects of lower oil prices? Will quantitative easing help Europe’s economy?

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