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Esko Uutela


Principal, Tissue


Esko Uutela

With more than 30 years' experience in the global paper market, Esko's expertise lies in the tissue and recovered fiber markets. After working nearly 18 years for a large forest industry consulting company in Helsinki and Munich, Esko established EU Consulting, his own forest industry consulting company. Esko carries out numerous private client projects, as well as publishing RISI's comprehensive studies on tissue business developments and global recycled fiber markets worldwide.


Outlook for Global Tissue Business: Economic Recovery Helping but Clouds on the Eastern Skyline

Day Two

Wednesday, 2 March, 2016

The Western European tissue market suffered from the consequences of the 2009 recession for about five years, and only very recently demand growth started to improve again. This was mainly due to Southern Europe where economies continued to be depressed, causing high unemployment and major cuts in purchasing power with negative effects on tissue consumption, in the AfH sector in particular. Finally, the situation has started to improve with major steps, which has already resulted in a wave of new investment plans.  Eastern Europe recovered much quicker than Western Europe and Russian strong demand growth was a main driver. But most recently the war between Russia and Ukraine has broken the favorable trend and negative economic growth has taken its toll in these countries with some reflections also in their main trading partner countries. 

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