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Marco Mensink


Director General


Mr Mensink is Director General of CEPI since 1 June 2014.


Mr Mensink joined CEPI in March 2006 as Energy and Environment Director; an expert on Emission Trading, renewables and energy legislation. He has an extensive network of contacts with the European Commission, Parliament and Member states, Business Europe and ENGO's.


In 2010 he was appointed Deputy Director General.  He is an experienced Brussels based public affairs professional, who has dedicated his professional enthusiasm to the European Pulp and paper industry. Mr. Mensink is a professional speaker in public events, having a strong drive to move the organisation, the issues and the sector forward.


Marco Mensink holds a Master of Science Degree in Forestry and Business Management from the Agricultural University of Wageningen in the Netherlands.


Starting his career at Ernst & Young Management Consulting, he worked for six years in Environmental Management,  and due diligence projects. He then worked for six years at the Royal Netherlands’ Paper and Board Association, also representing the Dutch industry in Brussels.


Mr. Mensink was the author of the CEPI 2050 Roadmap and responsible for the implementation of the Roadmap, a.o. co- founding of the bio-based industries public private partnership. Additionally, Mr Mensink played an essential role in the conception and establishment of the Two Team Project, which has resulted in breakthrough technologies for the future pulp and paper industry.


Mr Mensink is a Dutch national, born in 1968, married and has three children. He is now living in Brussels.


An Industry Survival Guide to Europe

Helping the Forest Products Industry Make Better Decisions - Day 1

Tuesday, 10 March, 2015

Never before has Europe seen so many issues on the table. The Euro exchange rate; the low oil price; the Ukrainian conflict, the low growth forecast, a new climate policy, a Greek Grexit scenario, and further elections to come,  a stagnating market and population. But also a new European Commmssion and Parliament. And a new focus on growth, innovation, youth unemployment, investments and jobs. Why would one invest in Europe? What does this do with the European Paper Industry? Can Innovation transform industry? How was the year 2014 for the EU PPI? And how was it again with these deep eutectic solvents? Many many questions, and a few answer from a staunch believer in Europe and the European industry - Marco Mensink, Director General of CEPI.

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