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The two day event will provide insight into the primary timber end-use markets, including lumber, panels, woodpellets, pulp, paper and paperboard, as well as direct investments in timberland and an outlook on prices and demand.

Day 1 (2/11) - Timber End Use Markets 

RISI Economists will discuss the various forest product end uses and how their demand characteristics will change in the short and medium term and how that will impact your investment opportunities.

Topics covered

  • Housing market: The strength of the recovery?
  • The state of solid wood product market recovery -lumber and wood panels.
  • European wood pellet demand - what are the implications for USA forest owners?
  • Pulp market and the new low cost providers.
  • Fiber based packaging growth.
  • Graphic paper decline and its impact on recycled paper availability on virgin fiber markets.


Day 2 (2/12) - Is North America still the best location for Timberland investments (in cooperation with DANA)

RISI and DANA will lead a series of discussions on the current state and future opportunities of Timber Investment in North America.

Topics Covered

  • Trends in North American timberland deals.
  • Price trends for logs and woodchips in North America by region.
  • Long term forecast of North American timber markets: supply, demand and prices.
  • Returns on timberland investments in North America, and recent comparisons with other asset classes. 
  • The Importance of Liquidity: Direct timberland investments vs. Timber REITs vs TIMOs.
  • Timber ETFs and non-REIT listed timber investments.
  • Impact of carbon markets and other markets for ecosystem services on timberland investments.
  • Timber + Agriculture  – advantages of a combined approach.