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Papermakers bring out the big guns for dumping case

By Dead Tree Edition Thu, Sep 16, 2010

Nine senators, 10 House members, and one governor are slated to appear at today's U.S. International Trade Commission hearing on the anti-dumping case against Asian paper companies.

The agenda doesn't state whether the politicians will be speaking or which side they are on, but it's clear they will be there in support of the anti-dumping case. Almost all are from states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Maine where the three petitioning companies (NewPage, SAPPI, and Appleton Coated) have a presence.

Update: The United Steelworkers issued a news release today saying that the 20 politicians will be testifying on behalf of the U.S. paper makers.

The hearing is part of the final phase of the ITC's investigation into whether Chinese and Indonesian makers of coated paper for sheet-fed presses should have to pay penalties and tariffs. They are accused of selling such paper, both coated freesheet and coated groundwood, at below cost in the U.S.

Those opposing the penalties have no politicians appearing on their behalf -- mostly just officials of the Asian companies.

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