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Berry Wiersum



Sappi Europe SA

Sappi, the world’s leading producer of coated fine paper, appointed Berry Wiersum (61, British) Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Europe S.A. on 15 January 2007.

Mr Wiersum started his career at ICI Fibres, became President of Amoco Fabrics (Europe), then the President of Amoco Chemicals (Europe), and when Amoco was taken over by BP, he moved to BP to assist with the integration of the two groups in Europe.  He subsequently left BP and joined Pechiney S.A. in France and ran the CEBAL packaging division until he was recruited as Managing Director of the Packaging division of Kappa Packaging BV (The Netherlands) and member of the Management Board responsible for paper manufacture and packaging in the Kappa group.  He holds a Master of Arts degree with Combined Honours in Mediaeval and Modern History and subsidiaries in French and Music from the University of St. Andrews in the UK.

Berry Wiersum was Vice-Chairman Coated Cepifine in 2009 and 2010.

Berry Wiersum was Chairmen of Cepi in 2010 and 2011.

Berry Wiersum was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Euro-Graph (European Association of Graphic Paper Producers) in 2015 and 2016.

Berry is married with four children.


Keynote Address: Turbulence and Transformation

Day One

Tuesday, 7 March, 2017

On December 30th 2008 Sappi bought a large European Graphics paper business just before the financial crisis threw the market into a downward surge, further compounded by the disruptive effect of  new electronic media. It was all hands on deck to keep the ship upright and the following  3 years were a story of high speed integration, cost cutting, capacity closures and refiguring the business as we got used to the idea that the decline in Graphics would continue over many years. By 2012 we thought we had it cracked only  to be undone by the awfulness of 2013. Then we really went  for it; root and branch change, starting with our business philosophy, through a revolutionary new go –to- market strategy, passing through growth investment in Specialities, upgrades to our Graphics mills, the re-engagement of all our people and surging back to profit. We have a name for it: the Sappi Performance Engine. A recipe for total transformation. If you want to know more, I will tell you about it at this year’s RISI Conference in Amsterdam.

CEO/Executive Panel Discussion

Day One

Tuesday, 7 March, 2017

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RISI has brought together a variety of leaders from various companies and sectors to discuss some important developments and challenges that lie ahead in Europe.  Along with the obvious challenges that Brexit and its reverberations will create, the panel will discuss Europe’s place in the global industry and the market and consumer trends that are affecting day to day business in pulp, paper and packaging supply. 

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We are still looking to add the best minds in the industry to the upcoming conference, so contact us if you are interested in presenting. 

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