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Jos deVries




Jos has worked in the pulp and paper industry as marketing and communication manager specializing in the European graphic and specialty paper market. Next to his work in strategic and tactical marketing planning he was involved in new business development projects for high-speed inkjet, labels and packaging applications. In 2014 he started working as a consultant for AWA Alexander Watson Associates leading global and regional market research studies in the field of labelling, release liners and other paper and film related product applications, authoring a full portfolio of market studies, consultative selling of market and technology reports globally, and managing AWA marketing communications. 


An Overview of the Global Specialty Paper Market

Day Two

Wednesday, 8 March, 2017

Specialty papers and paperboards represent a part of the paper industry where demands are more specific and tailor-made products are required, creating possibilities for adding value. The industry is dynamic, with the coming and going of specialty paper producers. In this niche, technology and creativity are important tools. Based on the AWA Specialty Paper and Paperboard Market Study 2016/2017, this presentation will provide paper and paperboard grade definition and classification, insight in global and regional market sizes, understanding of market and application segmentation, including growth and decline,  and information on trends and developments impacting the key specialty paper and paperboard grades business.

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