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Paul Jenkins

Founder and Managing DIrector


Paul Jenkins is Managing Director of ThePackHub, a leading packaging innovation consultancy helping brand owners, retailers and packaging suppliers deliver a range of packaging innovation services. ThePackHub are experts in understanding packaging trends and run a packaging innovation database with over 4,200 initiatives. ThePackHub also host packaging conferences, publish packaging reports and offer technical packaging support. Paul is an internationally-renowned packaging trends expert.



Sustainability and innovation in packaging

Session Three (all times EST)

Friday, 6 November, 2020

  • How has the rise in remote work and e-commerce impacted the paper packaging markets globally?
  • Will e-Commerce continue to grow? If so, how are leading retailers adapting for this?
  • How are changing consumer demands and sustainability preferences changing the packaging world?
  • Have sustainability initiatives been deprioritised as a result of the pandemic?

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