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Stephen Addicott

Managing Partner

Stafford Capital Partners

Stephen Addicott is a Managing Partner of Stafford Capital Partners, Timberland Group.  With over USD 5.3bn of assets under management, Stafford Capital Partners invest institutional capital across a range of private market sectors including Private Equity, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Timberland. Stephen joined Stafford’s London office in 2012 where he is responsible for servicing Stafford’s European clients, monitoring Stafford’s global timberland investment performance, sourcing investment opportunities and project managing due diligence.  Stephen is also part of Stafford’s Timberland Investment Committee.  Stephen has a Bachelor of Forest Science from Melbourne University and his professional career spans over 26 years including operational roles, investment appraisals and consulting.


Stafford Timberlands and the Fund of Funds Approach to Timberland Investment

Day I

Wednesday, May 8, 2019