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Fastmarkets RISI 15th Latin American Conference - announcing the Virtual Experience

This is the premier forum to immerse yourself in all aspects of the forest products industry. Discover how Fastmarkets RISI's deep industry expertise will help you understand the latest trends, challenges and opportunities.

We're bringing the event digitally to your home office

So far this year we're all being asked to think digital-first and RISI Conferences are no exception - if you can't travel we're going to be bringing to you.

Here's how it's going to work

  • We're going to be using best in class software to give you a seamless experience that makes you feel just as much a part of the conference as if you were there
  • Watch the presentations and panels live or on-demand when it suits you
  • You'll be able to join in with Q&As, collaborate with virtual roundtables and access digital information booths
  • Set meetings with anyone at the event beforehand and joining us digitally, either on video chat or messenger
  • Join delegates from around the globe - the power of digital is to bring in new faces from around the world that might not usually attend