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Entries will be evaluated by panels of judges who will independently review the entries against the award criteria set out in each category. The scores of each panel will be collated to determine the winner of the category.

The finalists for each cateogry will be invited to send a representative to the awards ceremony. The winners from each category will be featured in the Paper 360 magazine issue that follows the awards.

2019 Judges

Bodo Kottwitz


BKay Tissue Advice

Bodo Kottwitz (BKay Tissue Advice) has long experience (some 25 years) of the tissue and hygiene product businesses.

Bodo's expertise covers market, Commercial, technical and strategic issues in the tissue industry. He is a pulp & paper engineer with a commercial apprenticeship. Since 2004 Bodo has been working with his own consulting company. He specializes in strategic advice in and around the tissue industry and has carried out numerous private client projects.


Clive Suckling

Independent Advisor

Weston Green Consulting Limited

Clive Suckling is a professionally qualified senior executive with over 40 year’s international business experience. He had a long career at PwC, where he led their Global Forest, Paper & Packaging Industry Practice in his final role until retiring in 2012. Since then he has dedicated himself to three activities: (1) serving as an independent advisor on sustainable investment strategies in the forest sectors, (2) undertaking various Non-Executive and coaching type roles in the educational and entrepreneurship fields on a volunteer basis and (3) leisure. He lives in London.

Donna Harman

President and CEO


Donna Harman is president and chief executive officer of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and is recognized by industry leaders and policymakers alike as one of the leading experts on public policy for the pulp, paper, packaging, and wood products manufacturing industry, which comprises nearly 4 percent of the nation’s manufacturing output. 


Before assuming her current role in May 2007, Harman was AF&PA’s senior vice president, policy and government affairs. She worked previously in government affairs for Champion International Corporation and The Dow Chemical Company after serving as a legislative assistant in Congress.


Harman is the president of the International Council of Forest and Paper Associations and a member of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s steering committee on Sustainable Forest Industries. She is also immediate past chair of the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Council of Manufacturing Associations, a member of the NAM Board of Directors, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Forest Products Industry National Labor Management Committee.


Born in Elkhart, Kansas, Harman earned a bachelor’s degree in public affairs from Anderson University and a law degree from American University. She is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Association Committee of 100, is on RISI’s Top 50 Power List for the pulp and paper industry, and was named to CEO Update’s 2013 Top Association CEOs list.

John Maine

Co-Founder and Vice President

Fastmarkets RISI

John Maine is a Co-Founder and Vice President of Graphic Paper at RISI, the leading information provider for the world forest products industry. With over 39 years in the graphic paper industry, John has developed RISI's approach to graphic paper analysis and forecasting. John is an industry-recognized expert for global printing and writing paper markets, prices, analysis, and forecasts. His published reports include: the monthly Paper Trader; The Global Cut Size Study; World Coated Paper Supply: A risk assessment of capacity closures; World Graphic Paper Forecast; World Graphic Paper Capacity; North American Graphic Paper Forecast; and numerous single and multi-client studies.

Kevin O'Grady

Director and Principal Consultant

Pinnacle Quality

Kevin O'Grady is the Director and Principal consultant for Pinnacle Quality, a multidisciplinary group offering a complete range of sustainability and quality based business solutions.  He specialises in helping client develop systems to meet high end quality and sustainability certification systems such as RSPO, FSC and SAN and the emerging Alliance for Water Stewardship (ASI) at both field and chain of custody level.

As principal consultant for Pinnacle Quality he has  been involved in water stewardship since its inception in 2006. He’s worked on sustainable water projects in Australia Africa and South America in areas as diverse as Meat production, off channel irrigation, cut flower production and wine production.  He is also an approved consultant under the AWS and has audited companies to the AWS standards on behalf of an approved AWS certifying body.

Martin Luh

Global Cardboard Expert


After his study of repro- and printing technology, Martin Luh worked in the folding carton industry before joining Nestlé in 1996. He advanced to the role of Global Packaging Base Material Expert for fibre-based materials and is managing the Nestlé cartonboard sourcing strategy. His key objectives are the development of innovation partnerships with the paperboard industry, specification performance management, market intelligence, novel technology scouting and education programmes for employees. Martin is lecturer for Procurement and Supply Chain Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.