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Port Host

The Port of Tarragona, PPI Transport Symposium 23's Port Host for 2019, welcomes you to the city of Tarragona in Spain!

The Port of Tarragona will be hosting a port tour and opening welcome reception for the PPI Transport Symposium attendees on Monday, September 16th. This is available to all PPI Transport Symposium attendees.

You will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the facilities that Tarragona can provide you, as well as take part in a packed itinerary of evening entertainment.

Highlights of the evening include:

· A tour of the Cambrils Marina

· A leisurely boat trip from Cambrils to the Port of Tarragona

· A visit to the Euroports pulp & paper terminal

. A guided short visit to the city (20 minutes walk ending at the Roman Amphitheatre)

· An official networking reception at the Roman Amphitheatre with human castle exhibition 


A full itinerary of evening entertainment available to PPI Transport Symposium attendees can be found in the Port Tour programme.

Click here to view the full Port Tour programme