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Monday, 16 September, 2019

Opening Day


Registration and Exhibitor Setup


Port Tour

Hosted by the Port Authority of Tarragona and Euroports Tarragona, join your fellow delegates for a tour of the local port facilities. Journey by boat to the Port of Tarragona to gain an understanding of the realities and opportunities at this major Iberian hub.


15:30-Transportation from Hotel PortAventura to Cambrils Marina begins. (approximate 15-20minute drive) Busses will leave the convention centre every 5 minutes

16:45-Boarding at the Cambrils Marina (Must board no later than 17:00)

17:15-Boats depart (snacks and beverages will be provided on board) 

17:45-Boat stops at the Euroports Pulp & Paper Terminal 

19:00-Boat continues through the port facilities reaching Tarragona city 

There will be transportation back to PortAventura if participants do not wish to attend the cocktail reception 

There will be a guided short walk from the boat to Amphitheatre. Audioguides will be provided to participants heading to the reception, and the tour guides will lead the group to the Amphitheatre while providing a history of the area. 


Registration Closes


Welcome Cocktail Reception

Join us at the official Welcome Reception at the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Roman Ruins of Tarraco hosted by the Port Authority of Tarragona and Euroports Tarragona.

Enjoy the evening’s festivities, and connect with your fellow delegates in advance of the start of the conference the following day.

There will be transportation available from the Hotel PortAventura to the welcome reception for those not joining the port tour. 

19:45-Official reception at the Roman Amphitheatre with the Major of Tarragona, President of Port Authority of Tarragona & Regional Authorities from Generalitat de Catalunya 

20:10-Castells Exhibition (A castell is a human tower built traditionally at festivals in Catalonia.) At these festivals, several colles castelleres attempt to build and dismantle a tower's structure. On November 16, 2010, castells were declared by UNESCO to be amongst the masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. 

21:00-Standing dinner surrounded by courtyards (just behind the Amphitheatre) 

22:45-Reception closes 


Exhibitor Setup Ends

All exhibits must be finished at this time. The exhibitor hall and building will close promptly at 20:00. 

Tuesday, 17 September, 2019

Day 1


Registration and Exhibit Halls Opens


Alan Bog

Commercial Director Asia and IFPTA President


Welcome Remarks


Global Macroeconomic Outlook

  • Expected social, political and economic headwinds and tailwinds over the next 12 months
  • Country risk factors shaping market economics
  • Key policy milestones and regulatory impacts on global trade
  • How international trade flows are reacting



Dennis Eley

Quality Control Manager

World Fuel Services

How Will Carriers Adapt to IMO 2020 Sulphur Regulations?

  • Understanding the impact of the incoming fuel regulations on day-to-day business
  • Assessing the real term cost impacts
  • Gauging industry preparedness and resource required to meet regulatory obligations
  • How will these costs be passed on to shippers?
  • What will be the impact for clients?



Managing Aging Fleets: Are Existing Carriers Opening Themselves up to Competition

  • Exploring the future building programmes for major traditional carriers
  • Whether vessel capacity increases will come from outside of Asia
  • How carriers are positioned to capitalised on the 2021/22 pulp production boom
  • Coping with increase transportation distances of pulp
  • Will freight rates enable carriers to engage in building programmes?
  • Assessing the opportunity to seize market share
  • The proposition for new carriers in the field such as Cosco
  • Is this an open invitation to container carriers to strengthen their position?


Alan Bog

Commercial Director Asia and IFPTA President



Feng Chen

General Manager, Marketing Centre, Specialised Carriers


The Asian perspective: How market entrants are shaping the industry


Coffee and Tea Networking Break



Alan Bog

Commercial Director Asia and IFPTA President



Ranjit Baxi

Founding President, Global Recycling Foundation & Immediate Past President

Bureau of International Recycling

How China is Shaping the Global Pulp Demand

  • Exploring the impact of the RCP import ban into China

       - How India, Indonesia and Taiwan are reacting

  • Are container and breakbulk carriers positioned to respond to shifting trade flows?
  • Assessing whether this will lead to high pulp prices and increased transportation costs
  • Understanding the potential for the Chinese pulp market continuing to mature
  • Where are the likely next high growth markets for virgin fibers?

Networking Lunch



Alan Bog

Commercial Director Asia and IFPTA President



IFPTA Interview 2019

Interview one to one with a leading player in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

A candid conversation drawing on the experience of the previous 24 months to run the rule over market movements, corporate machinations and responses to paper & pulp demand. The discussion will reveal expectations and insights into the next 24 months for the transport sector. 



Tom Mutz

Vice President, Global Business Development

Penn Warehousing & Distribution


Paul Terry

Director, Logistics & Sales Planning


How railways are evolving to meet the needs of pulp and paper shipping

  • Getting a grasp on what the Europe-China rail link is actually doing today
  • Exploring whether pulp and paper companies have been using it
  • Understanding its place in pulp and paper logistics
  • Taking a global look: Where railways are going today
  • How railways are adapting to the forest industry’s demand

Dedicated Exhibitor Time & Roundtable Discussions

Enjoy a cocktail reception and network with your fellow attendees within the exhibit hall.

Meet with the major suppliers to the industry and conduct all your meetings in one day to gain an accurate understanding of the most suitable and cost effective offerings in the market.

Join one of the relaxed roundtable conversations to understand how your industry peers view and are reacting to the major issues facing the industry.

Roundtable 1:

New Competition in the Shipping Market

Conversation led by: Ana Paula Trilho, Director, APT Group


Roundtable 2:

How the China Recovered Paper Ban is Affecting Regional Trade

Conversation led by: Ranjit Baxi, Founding President, Global Recycling Foundation and Immediate Past President, Bureau of International Recycling


Roundtable 3:

Ask the Expert: Expected Economic Headwinds

Conversation led by: Lasse Sinikallas, Director, Macroeconomics, Fastmarkets RISI


Roundtable 4:

Understanding the Opportunities within Tarragona

Conversation led by: Genoveva Climent, Commercial Director, Port of Tarragona and Pablo Garcia, Managing Director of Iberia and Italy, Euroports


Close of Day 1

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

Day 2


Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens


PaperSeed: Understanding the work of the Foundation

  • Engaging different communities to come together to help the world at large
  • Strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people in underserved and resource-lacking communities around the world


Alan Bog

Commercial Director Asia and IFPTA President



Jyrki Ranki

Vice President Maritime Logistics

Metsa Group

The Nordic Prospective - Coping with Increasing Capacity

  • Charting the increasing production from Scandinavia
  • Overcoming shipping issues facing Nordic countries with growing volumes
  • Exploring the capabilities within current ports, terminals and carriers
  • Expectations for Scandinavian infrastructure in the next 5-10 years

Coffee and Tea Networking Break



Rhoda Voth

General Manager, North America

Saga Welco


Tony Tang


Qingdao Port Pulp Logistics

Dave Lucas

Senior Vice President

Western Stevedoring

Ports and Terminals: Is the Future in Container?

  • What does the future hold in store for paper & pulp ports?
  • Understanding why good breakbulk facilities are becoming fewer and fewer
  • Clarifying the value drivers – are quality and efficiency still the key?

Networking Lunch


IFPTA Members Only Lunch

Location: Hotel PortAventura



Targe Bock

Supply Chain Management, EMEA & APAC



Digitalisation and Innovation within the Supply Chain

  • Showcasing the latest developments within the supply chain and how they are deployed
  • Adoption levels across the supply chain
  • Gaining an accurate idea of time and resource investment


Horst Kaupke

Manager of Marketing and Sales

BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH


Pablo Garcia

Managing Director of Iberia and Italy


Mediterranean & Middle East

  • Understanding where the pulp & paper industry is concentrated
  • How is the industry is serviced
  • Growth areas within the Mediterranean and Middle East
  • Is Turkey the new China?

Event Concludes