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Field Trip - SOLD OUT



As with past conferences, we will be offering a field trip following the conference. While all visits are not yet confirmed, a brief summary of the field trip is below.

Day 1 - February 16, 2017

  • Begin from the Furama Resort, first thing in the morning.
  • Visit private forest nursery and plantations in Phú Lộc and Hương Thủy Districts: Delegates will have an opportunity to learn how trees are produced in Vietnam, planting and management regimes and if possible some timber harvesting will also be included.
  • Visit to JBC woodchip plant near Hue: This plant is owned by JBC, one of the largest woodchip exporters in Vietnam. Delegates will see how logs are purchased from middlemen (who source logs from farmer plantations), and the type of equipment that is used in Vietnam for producing export chips.
  • Visit to Chan May port: This is a mid-level port in Vietnam, with annual exports of 500,000-600,000 BDMT per year. This port is a good example of the current technology used to export woodchips from Vietnam, with four companies utilizing this terminal to load woodchips for export.
  • Group Dinner in Da Nang.

Day 2 - February 17, 2017

  • Visit to Dung Quat port: There are two major terminals in Dung Quat, Gemadept and PTSC. We will visit Gemadept, where Sojitz and others export woodchips. This is the largest woodchip export port in Vietnam, with annual export volume around 1.6 million BDMT. The largest woodchip carriers, including the new 4.7 million ft3 vessels, can be accommodated at the terminal.
  • Visit to wood pellet plant: Vietnam is by far the largest supplier of wood pellets to the Asian markets, exporting more than 1.0 million tonnes to South Korea in 2015. We will visit a typical pellet mill producing for export in the Dung Quat area.
  • Visit to furniture plant: Vietnam’s furniture industry is the fastest growing in the world, with exports of around US$6 billion per year. The Vietnamese government has announced policies to restrict woodchip exports in order to provide more locally produced wood to the furniture sector. We will visit a typical Vietnamese furniture factory.
  • Return to the Furama Resort late in the day. Delegates will be free to arrange their own dinner plans.


Field trip tickets are available for purchase to conference delegates only and includes all meals and transportation to and from the field trip locations. Hotel rooms are available at the Furama Resort and are the responsibility of the attendee.