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Gavin HAO


Forestry Consultant


Gavin HAO

Gavin joined RISI in August 2010 and has undertaken a number of forest valuations, wood market reviews, projects in both plantation and natural forests in China, Russia Far East, Cambodia, and Fiji. He also has experience in Forestry Management and Development, Forestry Growth Modeling, Forestry Valuation Processing, as well as Cost and Price Benchmarking. Prior to joining RISI, Gavin was previously employed in forestry operational manager positions for Stora Enso in Guangxi Province from 2005-2009. He has also worked for Pöyry as a consultant in their Shanghai offices from 2009. Gavin holds a Masters degree in Ecology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Forestry from Beijing Forestry in China.


Asian Woodchip Import Market Update

Day Two 2018

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018

From 2010-2016, Asian imports of woodchips for pulp production grew rapidly, setting new record volumes year by year. But in 2017, the market stalled out, and total imports were basically unchanged from 2016.

Over the next five years, there is expected to be very little new demand for woodchip imports in China or Japan, and in fact a serious shortage of woodchip supply is expected to develop due to changes in various supplying countries.

This presentation will highlight which companies are the major importers of woodchips for pulp production in Asia; where woodchip supply is expected to be problematic in the future; alternatives that companies are exploring to ensure adequate woodchip supply.

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