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Seminar Program

Monday, 11 March, 2019

Packaging Seminar


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Welcome Remarks


Ken Waghorne

Vice President, Global Packaging and Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

Fastmarkets RISI Global Packaging Outlook



Ville Henttonen

Senior Product Manager, Mill Intelligence

Fastmarkets RISI

Competitiveness of the European Containerboard and Boxboard Market

 Presentations Looking at the Key Factors That Will Influence the Market Over the Coming 12-18 Months. 


Coffee and Tea Networking Break


DuoDry CC – The Eco-Friendly Concept for Curl Control

A look at how DuoDry CC significantly improves the flatness of Testliner with lowest basis weights down to 50 gsm

  • The real benefits for papermakers and converters
  • Motivation for development and technical design of the double-sided drying concept without open paper draw
  • Case study: DuoDry CC compared to conventional single-tier concept
  • Customer feedbacks and latest references

#ZeroWaste: After Plastic Success, Now NGOs Focus Again on Paper and Carton




Panel Discussion: Packaging for the Environment and Sustainability: The Backlash of Plastic

  • How the paper industry can support end customers to move from plastic (solution considering food safety / environment / price competitiveness)?
  • The other big topic at the moment is the anti-plastic mania. An interesting opportunity for paper packaging, but partly a challenge as well.
  • With plastic “ban” live in several countries, a lot of companies are moving from plastic to fiber based solution?
  • Have we hit the peak of the e-commerce impact?
  • How the market can guarantee the proper availability of fibers?
  • How the market can guarantee the sustainable origin of the fibers?
  • How the paper producer can guarantee the recyclability and food safety of fiber based packaging solutions?

2019 Packaging Innovation Showcase

Nominees shall display their packaging design, allowing attendees to explore the floor to ask questions, examine key features, and discover the product’s aims.



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