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Monday, 11 March, 2019

Packaging Seminar


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Welcome Remarks


Ken Waghorne

Vice President, Global Packaging and Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

Fastmarkets RISI Global Packaging Outlook



Ville Henttonen

Senior Product Manager, Mill Intelligence

Fastmarkets RISI

Competitiveness of the European Containerboard and Boxboard Market

 Presentations Looking at the Key Factors That Will Influence the Market Over the Coming 12-18 Months. 


Coffee and Tea Networking Break


DuoDry CC – The Eco-Friendly Concept for Curl Control

A look at how DuoDry CC significantly improves the flatness of Testliner with lowest basis weights down to 50 gsm

  • The real benefits for papermakers and converters
  • Motivation for development and technical design of the double-sided drying concept without open paper draw
  • Case study: DuoDry CC compared to conventional single-tier concept
  • Customer feedbacks and latest references

#ZeroWaste: After Plastic Success, Now NGOs Focus Again on Paper and Carton




Panel Discussion: Packaging for the Environment and Sustainability: The Backlash of Plastic

  • How the paper industry can support end customers to move from plastic (solution considering food safety / environment / price competitiveness)?
  • The other big topic at the moment is the anti-plastic mania. An interesting opportunity for paper packaging, but partly a challenge as well.
  • With plastic “ban” live in several countries, a lot of companies are moving from plastic to fiber based solution?
  • Have we hit the peak of the e-commerce impact?
  • How the market can guarantee the proper availability of fibers?
  • How the market can guarantee the sustainable origin of the fibers?
  • How the paper producer can guarantee the recyclability and food safety of fiber based packaging solutions?

2019 Packaging Innovation Showcase

Nominees shall display their packaging design, allowing attendees to explore the floor to ask questions, examine key features, and discover the product’s aims.



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Close of Seminar

Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

Day I


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Presentation of Fastmarkets RISI European CEO of the Year Award


Fastmarkets RISI Macroeconomic Outlook

  • Trends and prospects for the global economy over the next 12 months
  • How geopolitical forces and country risk will shape market economics
  • Exploring the impact of supranational regulatory and policy developments
  • Assessing international trade flows



Presentation of the Winner of the StepChange Consulting Survey Prize


Coffee and Tea Networking Break

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Global Fiber Outlook: Could the Prolonged Upturn Be Coming to an End?

  • Assessing the impact of the Chinese recovered paper import ban on global fiber markets
  • Understanding the risks to the growing consensus that the global pulp market should trend tighter through the end of the cycle
  • Whether any of the recent capacity expansion announcements will materially impact the market in the near term



Fabio Almeida

Head of Europe and Americas

Suzano Pulp and Paper

International Panel Discussion: The Global Market Outlook

  • When do you see the pulp industry will have a functioning futures market like any other commodity and energy?
  • The global fibre base is diminishing while demand for paper-based products is increasing. Where is future fibre supply coming from?
  • What do you think about the increase in global competition? US moving to Europe/Brazil, Europe looking to expand in US/Brazil, etc.
  • Do you believe that we are in a capacity expansion mode in your key product sectors? If so, how does this capacity expansion period differ from prior ones?
  • Understanding the trade flows, where are hotspots of consumption and how are they going to change?
  • Where do you see the best opportunity to invest and extract value; forestry? Installed capacity? Downstream?

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Papermaking 4.0 and Smart Service


Winning in the Downturn – Using Digital to Enhance Productivity

Last year was great for most pulp, paper, and board producers. But the race for productivity improvements will continue, and another downturn might be hitting us faster and harder than we think. Luckily, digital will help producers to take the next steps in productivity improvements, if applied right. In this presentation we will cover examples of what leading companies are doing on the digital front – covering customer relationships, supply chain, operations, and support functions. However, digital tools alone are not enough: getting real results requires both digital enablers and ability to chance employee behaviors in critical process steps.


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Macro-economic Trends Affecting the Fibre Packaging Industry




European CEO Panel Discussion

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What will be the impact of the consolidation in the market? 

Integrated converters- what impact is the consolidation and integration of producers and suppliers having on the whole value chain?

What happens when the boom subsides? Pricing power in a rising pulp price environment -what will be the next major disruption?

Adapting to distributions in the market:

  • Short-term: trade tariffs, immediate impacts
  • Medium-term: increasingly environemntally focused buyers and the growth of the paperless economy
  • Long-term: Workforce management
  • Are there any plans for capacity expansion? What is the new frontier for the pulp industry?

Close of Day One


Off Site Cocktail Reception and Fastmarkets RISI PPI Awards

Come join us for a cocktail reception at the new Palais Wertheim. Food and beverages are included. This beautiful space blends Viennesse chic with Berlin punk style. Palais Wertheim is about a 8 minute walk from the Vienna Marriott Hotel. RISI Staff will be meeting in the hotel lobby and will walk over at 17:15.  

Palais Wertheim

Time: 17:30 - 19:00

Address: Canovagasse 1a 1010 Vienna Austria

Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

Day II


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Hannah Zhao

Senior Economist, Global Recovered Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

The Global OCC Markets- The Great Uncertainty Over China

  • China’s RCP import regulation and the impact on global OCC markets in short to medium term
  • Changing OCC trade flows
  • How are Chinese paper/board producers going to secure fibre supply?
  • Changing OCC demand/supply balance and the potential impact on global containerboard markets



Fastmarkets RISI Outlook on Containerboard

Discussion on the global containerboard supply/demand balances, capacity additions and cost developments.  Where we will see new capacity in the next two years? What are the trade dynamics globally?



Fastmarkets RISI Global Outlook on Boxboard


Coffee and Tea Networking Break

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Paper for Recycling:The Impact on the Environment, Sustainability and How is the Demand Going to be Met?

  • Exploring the changing production & consumption patterns
  • Keeping pace with evolving collection systems & outlet perspectives on the market
  • The importance of Quality Secondary Raw Materials and benefits to production
  • How China is shaping the industry



Johann Moser

Senior Vice President Strategic Technology Board and Packaging


Panel Discussion: Paper for Recycling



Jari Almi

Director, Industrial Internet


The Mill of the Future

Two Case Study Examples of How to Bring your Mill into the Future:

  • Data Driven Solutions are Building the Way - Jari Almi, Director, Industrial Internet, Valmet  
  • Concrete Steps Towards a Digital Mill - Marko Yli-Pietilä, Head of Smart Operations, Stora Enso



Networking Lunch Break


Fastmarkets RISI Outlook on Graphic Paper




Dr. Fady Gemayel


Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging Industries (AFPPPI)

Kamal Comair

Senior Director GESPA and ALTATRADE

Indevco Group

Panel Discussion: Understanding the MENA Paper Packaging Market and Opportunities

  • Outlining the current paper packaging market conditions in the MENA region: Consumption, Capacity and Trade
  • Mapping the emerging opportunities driven by the changing macroeconomic environment
  • Gauging the appetite for future pulp, paper and recycled fiber imports
  • Supply chain: Insight into the realities of transporting materials to the region
  • The trading landscape: The prevalence of contract vs spot sales in the region

Coffee and Tea Networking Break

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Fastmarkets RISI Outlook for Tissue

  • What does the next 12 to 18 months hold for pulp and eucalyptus prices?
  • A look at the key factors that have impacted and the market and key future challenges for prices
  • How is consolidation impacting the tissue market and the outlook for future prices?

Wood Based Cellulosic Fibers – Innovations for a Future in Balance

  • Introducing of Lenzing AG and its role/growth in the dissolving pulp market
  • Innovations and trends on the textile fiber market
  • Sustainablity challenges and our pillars to address them 



Alternative Fibers - Financial Environment and the Impact on the Environment


Close of Conference