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Monday, 9 March, 2020

Packaging Seminar


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Welcome remarks


Fastmarkets RISI global packaging outlook


Panel discussion: box-buyers’ panel: keeping up with the consumer

  • How are procurement executives dealing with changing consumer trends
  • Assessing the impact of climate change, technology and e-commerce on the industry

Formed fiber: the journey to renewable packaging

  • Examining the potential for formed fiber in packaging

Ready for Sustainability Challenges


Carbon footprint and climate change: where is the paper industry heading?

Climate change is being discussed since several years. As the last five years have been the warmest on record, society is becoming aware that the time frame for action is becoming very tight. Just recently, the World Economic Forum published the World Risk Report 2020: for the first time in history, environmental concerns dominate the top five long-term risks, both in terms of probability and impact. As a supplier of process technology, what contribution are we making to help the paper industry reduce its carbon footprint? What demands do paper manufacturers place on suppliers and what other levers do paper mills have?


PPI Awards Packaging Innovation finalists’ showcase

A series of short introductions from our Packaging Innovation finalists, showcasing the most innovative and sustainable packaging designs this year. We have chosen designers who are clearly demonstrating where paper and paperboard can take over the role of plastics

  • Poul-Erik Nielsen – Clearwater Paper – Clearwater Paper’s NuVo® Cup Stock: Achieving Improved Sustainability Through Balanced Design
  • Ricardo Silva Franco da Quinta – Klabin, The world’s first kraftliner board made 100% from eucalyptus fibers (hardwood)
  • Kari Laukkarinen - Paptic – PAPTIC® The Next Generation Packaging Material

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Cocktail reception & main conference pre-registration

Tuesday, 10 March, 2020

Day I


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Welcome remarks and presentation of Fastmarkets RISI European CEO of the Year Award

Presented to Ksenia Sosnina, CEO, JSC Ilim Group


Keynote address from the European CEO of the Year Award winner


Global macroeconomic outlook

  • Examining economic trends and how they are impacting the global paper and pulp market, with a focus on Europe
  • Current status of the global economy and predictions over the next 12 months
  • Analyzing international trade flows and their influence on the market

Global fiber outlook

  • Supply and demand dynamics within the global pulp markets
  • Specific factors influencing the European markets

Coffee and Tea Networking Break

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Global containerboard outlook


European CEO panel discussion

  • Examining challenges and opportunities for containerboard producers in 2020
  • The impact of external factors and market disruptors on demand and supply for containerboard and corrugated packaging
  • Strategic changes within the industry
  • How are CEOs handling supply and demand dynamics?
  • Examining trade flows, capacity additions and changing consumer demands
  • Opportunities for consolidation and acquisitions

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Presentation of the Winner of the StepChange Consulting Survey Prize


Networking Lunch Break


Global expert capex strategy and asset consolidation


The impact of Brexit on trade flows in Europe

  • How Brexit is altering trade dynamics within Europe
  • Changing policy frameworks for trade and production of paper in Europe

Policy and the environment - Europe’s sustainability vision

  • The role of Europe’s paper industry in committing to climate neutrality
  • Promoting a circular economy through developing and implementing the right policies
  • What more needs to be done?



Coffee and Tea Networking Break

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A vision for the forest sector: what are the expectations and how can we drive change?


Production & protection: Finding the Balance

  • Looking to the future of the industry and examining the relationship between sustaining the economy and ensuring responsible forestry

Panel discussion: sustainability across the supply chain

  • The changing definition of sustainability across the supply chain
  • New technologies and the implications of implementation
  • External pressures and growing demand for sustainability

Cocktail reception

Location: Panorama Bar

Please join us on the rooftop level of the hotel for some beautiful views of Lisbon while enjoying a cocktail before dinner.


PPI Awards Dinner

*There is a maximum capacity for the dinner. Registration must be made in advance for European Conference attendees and is on a first come, first served basis. 

Location: New Orleans Ballroom – Sheraton Lisboa Resort


Dessert & Post Cocktail Reception

Location: New Orleans Foyer

Wednesday, 11 March, 2020

Day II


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Welcome remarks


The global PfR markets: the great uncertainty over China

  • Examining the current and future demand for OCC over the next 18 months
  • How the Chinese import ban continues to impact the industry
  • What is happening to waste paper that was historically exported to China?

Panel discussion: paper for recycling

Examining the current and changing condition of the recovered paper market in Europe and the impact of global trade dynamics.


Global graphic papers outlook

  • Market conditions and outlook for the global graphics industry
  • Understanding how competitive European producers are from a global perspective
  • Underlying the tough choices the industry is facing during the next two years
  • Identifying the bright spots within global graphics



Coffee and Tea Networking Break

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Mill intelligence outlook

  • Key cost driver trends
  • Recent machine conversions
  • Converting integration strategies
  • Paper vs. plastics case study
  • Water efficiency

Driving efficiency with intelligent technologies

  • A series of short presentations on the development of new intelligent technologies and how digitization adds value to your business and drives efficiency.

Creating the mill of the future: developing technologies and digitalisation

  • New technologies and innovations within the paper and pulp industry
  • How digitization enhances productivity
  • Digitization and the Internet of Things across the supply chain - from customer relationships to mill operations

Networking Lunch Break


Global boxboard outlook

  • Market update from the recently published Boxboard Study
  • After peaking in H2 2018, demand has been decelerating. What to expect going forward?
  • Sizing supply with demand – will overcapacity become an issue for global boxboard markets?
  • Identifying the winners and losers in an increasingly complex global marketplace

Global tissue outlook

  • Exploring the key factors influencing the global tissue market in 2020
  • Outlining supply and demand dynamics for tissue products over the next 12 months




Outlook and discussion: market trends and opportunities in the Middle East

  • Exploring the future growth in consumption from within the region
  • Local analysis: How import levels will fluctuate in the major import countries
  • Understanding the impact of anti-dumping regulations
  • How changing economic levels will continue to shape demand for hygiene and specialist products

Close of Conference