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Fabio Almeida

Head of Europe and Americas

Suzano Pulp and Paper

Mr. Oliveira is the Suzano Head of Business for the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. He was named to his current position in January/2019. Before that, he worked as Head of Suzano’s Global Integrated Logistics and as a different leadership positions for the company’s paper business in Latin America. He has been with Suzano for 12 years.

Prior to Suzano, Mr. Oliveira worked for DuPont, in Brazil and in the United States, and for ABB – Asea Brown Boveri, in different business leadership roles.

Mr. Oliveira holds a BSc. degree in Electrical Engineer from UNIFEI in Brazil, an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University in the USA, and has concluded the Advanced Management Program with the MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the USA.



International Panel Discussion: The Global Market Outlook

Day I

Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

  • When do you see the pulp industry will have a functioning futures market like any other commodity and energy?
  • The global fibre base is diminishing while demand for paper-based products is increasing. Where is future fibre supply coming from?
  • What do you think about the increase in global competition? US moving to Europe/Brazil, Europe looking to expand in US/Brazil, etc.
  • Do you believe that we are in a capacity expansion mode in your key product sectors? If so, how does this capacity expansion period differ from prior ones?
  • Understanding the trade flows, where are hotspots of consumption and how are they going to change?
  • Where do you see the best opportunity to invest and extract value; forestry? Installed capacity? Downstream?

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