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Jukka Kantola


Kaicell Fibers

Mr. Jukka Kantola has broad experience of the woody biomass related industries. He has held various executive positions in Europe and in Asia. Hence, he has a profound comprehension of the challenges and opportunities of these economies. Jukka is widely networked in the bioeconomy sector and he has a good grasp of the new and emerging applications for the wood.

He has established NC Partnering, a novel bio-consulting company focusing on the versatile valorisation of woody biomass for novel applications. Mr. Kantola is a great advocator for the bio-economy and is tenaciously facilitating novel and existing biomass applications. He and his company has played active role to advocate bioeconomy in practice. They have been launching biorefineries and currently they are major operator for KaiCell Fibers venture. He is also a founder of World BioEconomy Forum.

Mr. Kantola holds a Master of Science degree from the Aalto University. He also holds an eMBA from the Rutgers University. He is married with three sons.


Alternative Fibers - Financial Environment and the Impact on the Environment

Day II

Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

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