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Liz Wilks

European Director, Sustainability


Dr. Liz Wilks has a depth of knowledge in paper, packaging, supply chain management, and sustainability, with more than twenty years of industry experience. Her previous role was with Antalis International as global CSR director. Joining Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) in 2010, Liz’s current role involves communications with stakeholders, media, and customers on APP’s operations including the continued development of the business’ zero deforestation commitments. With an MA in strategic marketing, Liz was awarded a Ph.D. in international packaging standards in 2012, in which she reviewed the benefits of self-regulation and developed a model for compliance to complement this due diligence process as well as implementation within the industry and her company.

Her involvement in industry movements has now extended to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for all standard setting, involvement in PEFC (international forestry scheme), European timber regulations, The European Commission’s PEF, Chair of the interest group: Consumer Sensory and Perception, Campden BRI among others.  Liz is also a visiting Professor across Europe in CSR and International Management/ Sourcing, and sits on the Business and Management Advisory Board at University of West England (Bristol).



Panel discussion: sustainability across the supply chain

Day I

Tuesday, 10 March, 2020

  • The changing definition of sustainability across the supply chain
  • New technologies and the implications of implementation
  • External pressures and growing demand for sustainability

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