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Olivier Thomas


Suez Trading

Olivier is CEO of Suez trading as well as the Industrial Market Director for the Pulp & Paper industry. Suez is a worldwide leader in water and waste resources management. We are providing our customers - industry, local authorities and consumers - partners and stakeholders, all over the world, with operational solutions to address new resource management challenges. From a master of Business Administration and Management at NEOMA Business School through being Managing Director in different firms, Olivier has developed a strong operational and technical background.

Olivier lead an experienced team with strong business focus skills that work in supplying secondary raw materials with high standard of professionalism. In a complex industry, where regulations are becoming more and more stringent, we focus on providing quality commodities that are used to fuel the customer processes and/or, more and more, to generate energy. With a strong European historical base with expanding international activities in providing secondary raw materials and fuels, Olivier and his team are supporting profitable growth.



Panel discussion: paper for recycling

Day II

Wednesday, 11 March, 2020

Examining the current and changing condition of the recovered paper market in Europe and the impact of global trade dynamics.

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