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Sami Safran


Middle East Paper Company

Sami Safran, CEO of Middle East Paper Company (MEPCO), holds a B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia. Prior to joining MEPCO in 2004; he held the positions of: Technical Manager, Consultant, and Project Manager, in different paper mills in the region. He played a critical role in the expansion and development of operations. Sami was named as a CSR Ambassador by the King Khalid Foundation for his strategic view and contribution to enhancing sustainability practices, including the environmental awareness campaign through AL NABTA foundation. He is among the 100 best Arab CEOs in 2017 as named by the Arab Best Awards.

Sami is a veteran papermaker and water treatment expert; packing more than two decades of experience. He is a visionary who combines sharp strategic skills and well-ordered project management abilities. Along the 15 years he spent in MEPCO; the Company achieved 700% sales growth, increased market share to exceed 20% of the Saudi market, and expanded its export footprint to cover more than 50 countries. These targets were accomplished without losing sight of enhancing sustainability metrics at all levels.

Sami is the Vice Chairman for the Higher Institute for Paper and Industrial Technologies (HIPIT); a training institute that educates young Saudi professionals in the paper technology. He aims to develop tomorrow’s leaders by enabling Saudi’s youth to start a career in the paper industry. Through the establishment of HIPIT, he steered the company’s vision to align with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision for talent localisation.


International Panel Discussion: The Global Market Outlook

Day I

Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

  • When do you see the pulp industry will have a functioning futures market like any other commodity and energy?
  • The global fibre base is diminishing while demand for paper-based products is increasing. Where is future fibre supply coming from?
  • What do you think about the increase in global competition? US moving to Europe/Brazil, Europe looking to expand in US/Brazil, etc.
  • Do you believe that we are in a capacity expansion mode in your key product sectors? If so, how does this capacity expansion period differ from prior ones?
  • Understanding the trade flows, where are hotspots of consumption and how are they going to change?
  • Where do you see the best opportunity to invest and extract value; forestry? Installed capacity? Downstream?

Panel Discussion: Understanding the MENA Paper Packaging Market and Opportunities

Day II

Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

  • Outlining the current paper packaging market conditions in the MENA region: Consumption, Capacity and Trade
  • Mapping the emerging opportunities driven by the changing macroeconomic environment
  • Gauging the appetite for future pulp, paper and recycled fiber imports
  • Supply chain: Insight into the realities of transporting materials to the region
  • The trading landscape: The prevalence of contract vs spot sales in the region

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