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Wednesday, 4 November, 2020

Session One (all times EST)


Welcome remarks


Presentation of the Fastmarkets RISI Special Recognition Award 2020 to Nine Dragons Paper

Special Recognition Award to be presented to Nine Dragons Paper for its pivoting and ongoing growth program that has resulted in new positions in the US and Southeast Asia for the company while complementing its prime market in China.


Keynote speech by the Fastmarkets RISI Special Recognition Award Winner Nine Dragons Paper


Global macroeconomic outlook


North American containerboard outlook

  • Outlook for the North American containerboard markets over the next 12-18 months
  • How did demand hold up during the crisis?
  • How large a part will e-Commerce play going forward?

Virtual networking break


The future of packaging and the growing role of e-commerce in the "New Normal"


Panel Discussion: Corrugated capacity and the impact on global supply and demand

  • How will the increase in global capacity expected in the next two years affect the global market’s supply and demand fundamentals?
  • Examining regional conversions and what this means for the industry

Partner presentation Model AG, SAP and T.CON: Exploring how Digitization drives Sustainability and increases Efficiency in an ever-evolving market

Model AG's innovative packaging solutions support the transformation to a circular economy - using digital tools from T.CON. Model AG's sustainable business model is enabled through completely integrated transparency on the shop floor in real time and economical cutting planning.


Close of session one

Thursday, 5 November, 2020

Session Two (all times EST)


CEO Panel Discussion: executive commentary on the key forces driving change in corrugated

  • The impact of Covid-19 on global containerboard markets 
  • How has the pandemic influenced strategic decisions for future investments, demand and supply dynamics, sustainability goals etc.? 

The evolving impact of the internet on corrugated packaging

  • Assessing the impact of e-commerce on corrugated and containerboard markets globally
  • Are Covid related consumer behaviours predicted to last?
  • What does rising e-commerce actually mean for supply and demand?

Virtual networking break


Asian containerboard outlook

  • How has Covid-19 impacted the Asian paper and packaging markets? Are we beginning to see a recovery?
  • What will China’s complete ban on waste paper imports mean for the world?

Latin American containerboard outlook

  • With Latin America hit hard by the pandemic, what does this mean for local containerboard markets?
  • Examining new export markets for Brazilian kraftliner
  • Key drivers for consumption of containerboard in the region 

Middle East and Africa: containerboard outlook

  • Examining the rise of e-commerce in the Middle East and its subsequent impact on paper packaging and corrugated board. 
  • Focusing in on developments within the African market 

Close of session two

Friday, 6 November, 2020

Session Three (all times EST)


European Containerboard Outlook

  • Is e-Commerce growth offsetting the decline in other corrugated packaging end-use segments since the pandemic?
  • Increasing awareness of sustainability and reduction in plastic – how are EU regulations advancing the search for corrugated alternatives? 

Spotlight on Europe: Interview with Ksenia Sosnina


Virtual networking break


Sustainability and innovation in packaging

  • How has the rise in remote work and e-commerce impacted the paper packaging markets globally?
  • Will e-Commerce continue to grow? If so, how are leading retailers adapting for this?
  • How are changing consumer demands and sustainability preferences changing the packaging world?
  • Have sustainability initiatives been deprioritised as a result of the pandemic?

Interview: How is the world responding to China’s ambitious import ban?

  • What does the Chinese ban on RCP mean for the world’s recycled paper markets?
  • Examining the RCP market in China

Close of conference