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Anthony Thistleton



Anthony Thistleton leads the production side of the practice, having honed his skills in building procurement and practice management through 20 years of hands on experience. Anthony’s expertise in IT and virtual environment design ensure that the team’s aspirations and ambitions to provide an ecologically responsible and sustainable architecture are realised in physical form.

Anthony has led the design of a number of important projects in the office including the concept and execution of Boxpark, the world’s first container shopping center, a number of CLT projects such as 55 Pitfield Street as well as a range of community led projects such as the Finchley Reform Synagogue and Newstead Visitor Centre.

Anthony is a CABE Built Environment Expert, the chair of Shoreditch’s Conservation Committee and founder of the national CLT hub; an organisation spearheading the research and development of engineered timber in the UK. Anthony is the lead author of the practice’s written research work and has recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the UK’s 100 foremostengineered timber buildings.

Anthony lectures throughout the world on Waugh Thistleton’s work as well as advising on the theory and practice of timber construction.



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Tuesday, May 7, 2019