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Chung-Hong Fu

Managing Director

Timberland Investment Resources

Chung-Hong Fu is a founding member and partner of Timberland Investment Resources, a timberland investment management organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. He leads the firm’s economic research efforts and helps set investment strategy and analysis. He began his career at Temple-Inland Forest Products Corporation serving as a forest economist. Before his current role at Timberland Investment Resources, Hong served as Senior Investment Analyst for Global Forest Partners.

Hong received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University. In addition, Hong received a Ph.D. in Forest Economics from North Carolina State University.


North America: Still the best bet for timberland investors

Session Two (all times EST)

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

When Timberland Investment Resources was founded (more than 15 years ago), all but one of the mainstream TIMOs invested only in North America. Over the years, most of the other largest TIMOs have expanded into investments overseas, but TIR has continued to focus on the USA as the best region for timberland investment. This presentation will highlight why TIR continues to believe that US timberland investments offer the best opportunities for long-term investors.