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Peter Wilson

Managing Director

Timber Design Initiatives Ltd.

A UK registered architect, Peter Wilson is managing director of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd. The company was established in 2015 to deliver new approaches to professional education, product innovation and demonstration of best practice in the use of timber in architecture and construction, and was founded upon Peter’s lengthy prior experience as director of the Wood Studio Research Centre within Edinburgh Napier University’s Institute for Sustainable Construction.

Peter is a long-term advocate for the use of timber in construction and for the increased use of advanced timber engineering technology in the more carbon-conscious built environment of the 21st century. As such, he is regularly invited to address forestry and timber conferences throughout the world, and is a prolific contributor to academic, professional and trade journals and magazines on all aspects of contemporary timber design. Under the banner of Arcamedia Ltd, Timber Design Initiatives’ own publishing imprint, he has edited and published several reference publications, cd-roms and websites aimed at raising standards in the use of timber in architecture and construction, including 'Designing with Timber', 'Timber Cladding in Scotland',  'Making the Grade – a guide to appearance grading UK grown hardwood timber’, ‘Sustainable Construction Timber - sourcing and specifying local timber’, ‘External Timber Cladding - Design, Installation and Performance’ and 'Mass Timber - an Introduction to Solid Laminate Timber Systems’.

His own most recently-published book, ‘The Modern Timber House in the UK’, was commissioned by Wood for Good, the UK promotion campaign to encourage greater use of timber in construction. The book details the many different design and technical approaches nowadays being applied to the creation of high quality, energy and thermally efficient domestic architecture, with multiple examples of houses built from solid laminate timber products and systems included, amongst the 100 featured projects.


Overcoming Barriers (Regulation, Fire and Durability)

Sustainable Investment: Mass Timber Seminar

Tuesday, May 7, 2019