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Phil Cottle

Head of Agriculture

Pardus Underwriters Ltd.

Phil Cottle is Senior Agricultural Underwriter at Pardus – an insurance agency based in London.

Phil is the world’s oldest forestry underwriter and for this reason is known throughout the international reinsurance markets. His mission has always been to de-risk investment into all forms of forestry made by governments, global forestry investment institutions to community reforestation schemes. His early career was spent in agricultural extension & training among peoples of the Pacific islands, Central Africa and in the UK.

Phil’s attributes include a wealth of experience of natural hazard impacts on many types of forestry. Technical skill areas include project risk analysis, technical support to investors and insurers, and design of agricultural and forestry insurance products world-wide. He developed many national and provincial crop and forestry insurance schemes. Some of these include the first forestry schemes for Spain, Indonesia, Vietnam macadamia and rubber crop portfolio protection. Crop schemes include a national rice crop in Malaysia, crop insurance programmes in Syria, Sudan and forest provincial fire fighting cost protection in Alberta Canada.

Phil often speaks at international forestry and sustainable development conferences. He holds an MSc in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development with a BSc in Agriculture and Tropical Crops from Reading University.



Reducing Risk - Insuring Forest Investments: Impact of Climate Change

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019