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Thomas Mende


Klausner Trading USA

Thomas was born and raised in Wiesbaden, Germany. He received a degree in Business Administration (B.S.) from the University of South Carolina at Coastal Carolina and a MBA from the University of South Carolina.

During his 16 year career at New South Companies, Thomas focused on exports from the USA to Asia and Europe and on imports from South America, China and Europe.  In 1997 the company became the exclusive importer of Klausner in the USA.  He also developed the distribution system for Klausner in China, Australia, India and the Middle East.   In 2007, he joined Klausner as President of Klausner Trading USA. Klausner is a 3rd generation family owned, Austrian company with sawmill assets in Florida and North Carolina

Mr. Mende has traveled to 83 countries and has conducted business in 58 of them.



Outlook for Global Sawn Timber Markets

Day II

Thursday, May 9, 2019