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Andrés Padilla

Senior Economic Analyst

Rabobank Brazil

Andrés Padilla is a senior economic analyst at Rabobank Brazil and is part of Rabobank’s Food and Agri Research department since 2012, covering beverages, dairy and the supply chain sectors. He has participated of many projects both in Latin America and internationally in various sectors including orange juice, beer, dairy products, pulp and paper and logistics. He works with Rabobank’s commercial teams and has an active presence at industry events and the press. 

Before joining Rabobank, Andrés worked for eight years at Zenith Global, acting as director and vice-president, leading market research and consultancy projects.

Andrés has a degree in accounting and business administration from the University of Gloucestershire, in the United Kingdom and an MBA in Finance from Insper in Sao Paulo.




Finance Session: Cost Efficiency Even When Prices Are Rising? What is the View from the Finance Sector?

Day 1

Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

  • How are producers and suppliers balancing their books when pricing levels are still not reaching the heights to recover losses?
  • What impact has the consolidation in the market had on the balance sheet of producers? Will there be a long term impact or is it just a short term factor?
  • The catch-22: Digitalisation costs money, but saves money in the long run. How can businesses reconcile these two facts?
  • To what extent does partnership and consolidation increase liquidity in the short term?