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Daniel Signori

Technical Director

Mili S.A

Daniel Signori, Graduate in Chemical Engineer on Federal University of Parana, post graduate in business planning and management on FAE Business School, specialist in recycle paper in CTP university of Grenoble.

Technical Director of Mili S.A – the biggest tissue mill in Brazil. Experience in Projects negotiations and construction of 8 Stock Preparation Lines, 7 Machines, 20 converting lines, 9 napkins converting lines, Water treatment, Biological Treatment, logistic, key negotiations issues during more than 25 years of paper industry


Tissue, Fluff and the Eucalyptus Kraft: Rising Demand, Rising Cost and Rising Pressure

Day 1

Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

  • The increasing price of eucalyptus and the pressure of rising costs. When suppliers are only able to change costs every 60 days and prices are fluctuating daily, how do they work with buyers to ensure a fair and efficient market for all?
  • Cash cost of integrated vs. non-integrated producers: should non-integrated suppliers be looking to integrate?
  • Has the rising pressure on costs encouraged innovation in uses for eucalyptus pulp?