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Elizabeth de Carvalhaes



Elizabeth de Carvalhaes is the executive president of the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) founded in 2014, an association that represents the segments of wood panels, laminated flooring, pulp, paper, biomass for energy and also independent producers of planted trees and institutional investors.

The purpose of the entity that comprises 61 companies and nine state entities is to add expertise and join efforts in order to increase and strengthen the planted trees production chain, from the field to the industry, domestically and internationally, and at the same time promoting products from the sustainable management of pinus and eucalyptus and other species planted for industrial purposes.

Elizabeth has extensive experience in negotiating with governments and international markets, therefore she will focus on representing the entity and its aims, and participating in forums of interest to consolidate the planted trees industry in Brazil and internationally.

On May 2015, Elizabeth took the presidency of the International Council of Forest & Paper Associations (ICFPA), a network of over 30 forestry base associations from the main markets in this industry, for the next two years. Also, Elizabeth participates in the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and she is member of the Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries (ACSFI).

Elizabeth de Carvalhaes began her career at Volkswagen do Brasil and was vice president of the Brazilian Automotive Industry Association (Anfavea).



Printing and Speciality Paper: Is the Newsprint and Writing Paper Industry having a Renaissance?

Day 2

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

  • What new technologies are influencing the printing and writing sector on the consumer side?
  • Is it time to see more collaboration in the industry?
  • How are innovators increasing the cost efficiency for the production of printing and speciality paper?
  • Understanding the switch from traditional learning to digital learning and the impact on the paper and writing market. Understanding the impact of digital on the newsprint sector. Are either having or going to have an influence?