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Francisco Ruiz-Tagle



Francisco Ruiz-Tagle (54) has a degree in Business Administration at Universidad de Chile and a MBA at University of California of Los Angeles (UCLA). He is married and has 5 children. He is the CEO of CMPC, a Chilean holding company dedicated to the production and marketing of wood derivatives, cellulose, packaging and tissue products, with operational presence in eight Latin American countries and which markets its products in 45 other countries around the world.

In 1991, Ruiz-Tagle arrived to CMPC to be part of the Finance area of Celulosa Pacífico, a CMPC subsidiary, for the installation of a pulp mill in Collipulli, at the La Araucanía region, in the south of Chile. In 1996, he became the CEO of Celulosa Pacífico, until he joined the Finance area of Empresas CMPC, in Santiago. He worked there until 2002, when he was transferred to Argentina to become the CEO of La Papelera del Plata, subsidiary of CMPC Tissue in that country. On his return to Chile, at the beginning of 2007 and until 2011, he was the CEO of Packaging Products, another subsidiary of CMPC. Subsequently, he held the same position in Forestal Mininco, leading the entire process of certification of the forestry operation and community relations of the company. In 2016 he was appointed CEO of CMPC Celulosa, a position he held until July 31 of this year, to assume as CEO of CMPC.


CEO Panel: What is the Future Outlook for the Industry in the Region?

Day 1

Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

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What will be the impact of the consolidation in the market?

Integrated convertors. What impact is the consolidation, and integration of producers and suppliers, having on the whole value chain? What happens when the boom subsides?

Pricing Power in a rising pulp price environment. What will be the next major disruption?

Adapting to Disruptions in the Market:

  • Short-term: trade tariffs, immediate pricing impacts
  • Medium-term: Increasingly environmentally focused buyers and the growth of the paperless economy
  • Long-term: Workforce management

Are there any plans for capacity expansion? What is the new frontier for the pulp industry?