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Fredrik Weissenrieder


Weissenrieder & Co

Fredrik Weissenrieder
President, Weissenrieder & Co AB

Fredrik has 25 years of unique experience in cash flow maximizing Asset Strategy methods, processes, and projects working with the top executive level in the capital-intensive industry. Fredrik is internationally renowned in this field and he is the inventor of Weissenrieder methods.

Fredrik has a Master in Finance and Economics, Gothenburg School of Economics, where he later also came to teach finance classes.

Weissenrieder & Co AB provides software and services, based on a unique and proven method/process, enabling cash flow maximizing strategic decisions in the capital-intensive industry.

Weissenrieder & Co AB has created long-term asset strategies for over 600 production sites.


Pulp and Paper Mills: Allocating capital

Session Two (all times BRT)

Tuesday, 11 August, 2020