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Gilmar Luiz Maffei

Director of Sales


Gilmar started on the paper and corrugated cardboard sector in 1974 with the Industrial Group Trombini where initialy he performed roles on the industrial area and later on the administrative area.  He was resposible for the business administration of Trombini S.A. in Rio Grande do Sul for more than 15 years.   Currently he directs the sales area of the company which operates in the paper, corrugated cardboard packaging and paper bags in the Brazilian market and in the international market, exporting to more than 20 contries.  He received an economics degree and speciliazed in business administration.



Packaging: Strengthening the Communication Across the Supply Chain: How Can I Get the Right Solution to the Right Customer?

Day 2

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

  • Consumer trends and experience are driving buyers to want better packaging, more environmentally friendly packaging and cheaper packaging. There is a sense of collaboration between buyers and packaging innovators to make the consumer experience better. How are producers and suppliers responding to these trends?
  • The response from plastics: how are they innovating to compete with paper?