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Ken Waghorne

Vice President, Global Packaging and Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

Ken has specialized in paper packaging markets for Fastmarkets RISI for nearly 30 years. He provides detailed monthly and quarterly analysis and forecasts of the North American paper packaging markets as well as single- and multi-client studies. He developed Fastmarkets RISI's international containerboard model as well as the paper packaging models for the Latin American markets. He also produces the Fastmarkets RISI end-use market analysis for the Paperboard Packaging Council’s Trends Report on the US folding carton industry. Ken also manages Fastmarkets RISI's global packaging economic team, and directs the incorporation of the forecasts from North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America into Fastmarkets RISI's global reports. Ken holds a Master of Science degree in Forest Economics from Virginia Tech and his Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from LSU.


Packaging outlook

Day 2

Wednesday, 14 August, 2019

  • What does the next 12 to 18 months hold for packaging industry in Latin America?
  • A look at the key factors that have impacted and the market and key future challenges for prices