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Lennart Eberleh

President and CEO

Rottneros AB

Lennart has worked in the pulp and paper industry since 1995 for companies such as StoraEnso, BillerudKorsnäs and most recently Rottneros AB. Focus has been on sales and marketing, productivity enhancements and business development. Prior to joining Rottneros, Lennart has been the SVP of the Containerboard business area at BillerudKorsnäs. He has led the transition of the business into Corrugated Solutions, providing packaging solutions to major global brands with international supply chains as well as high end primary fiber based containerboard grades to the corrugated industry.

Lennart has joined Rottneros AB in August 2016 as CEO and President. Rottneros is a non-integrated customer-aligned supplier of high-quality pulp. Annual production volume is around 400.000 t of both chemical and mechanical pulp at its two sites in Sweden. Recently, Rottneros has also started production of moulded fiber trays. The company is listed in Stockholm since 1987.


Panel Discussion: Innovation and development within pulp production

Day 1

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019

  • How the major pulp producers are developing products to increase market share
  • Exploring the product developments to capture new customer groups
  • What realistic opportunities are there in textiles?
  • Success stories in commercializing sidestreams
  • How the ‘Backlash against plastic’ is shaping new products:
  • The impacts of consumer digitalisation upon the industry
  • How growing environmentalism concerns are shaping the global industry