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Luciana Pellegrino

Executive Director


Luciana Pellegrino Executive Director of the Brazilian Packaging Association - ABRE

Vice President of Marketing of the World Packaging Organization - WPO

Graduated in business administration with emphasis in foreign trade, andspecialization in environmental sciences, both from Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Since 2002 at the head of the Brazilian Packaging Association - ABRE, a majorassocia tion business oriented that brings together companies from all links in the packaging production chain. With the support of her team, Luciana is responsible for

leading the association initiatives’ in favor of the continuous improvement of Brazilian packaging, the competitiveness of the sector, its sustainable development, a closer connection with society’s demands and its approach to new business models.

Furthermore, Luciana is responsible for the interface of ABRE before the Government, partner entities, other links in the market, and contributing to a more open dialogue with society. Since 2009 Luciana also acts as Vice-President of the World Packaging Organization - WPO, contributing to the alignment of global objectives and vision of the future of packaging in our society.


Packaging trends and sustainability for a post COVID world

Session Three (all times BRT)

Wednesday, 12 August, 2020

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