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Marcial Jara

Marketing Manager

Nalco Water, an Ecolab company

With over 23 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry, he has held several positions at Nalco Water, including ITC as technical support, technical solutions manager, and currently innovation manager for Latin America.
He is part of a group of world experts specialized in microbiological and wastewater treatment, homologating techniques, knowledge, solutions, and experience worldwide for our region.
From his extensive professional curriculum, we can highlight:
• Civil Industrial Engineer- UBB
• Chemical Engineer - UTFSM
• Master in Microbiology- UdeC
• Postgraduate Degree in Biological Reactors - UdeC
• Analytical Chemist -UTFSM
Marcial is a specialist in several applications in the C&P industry, including Microbiology, Effluent Treatment, and Biological Reactors. He currently leads chemical and digital innovation projects for P&P Latin America.
In the Digital aspect, the focus is on accelerating the implementation and penetration of all digital tools available by Nalco Water. We can highlight THE HUB and Ecolab3D based on the management of application information in real-time to optimize processes based on a cloud with high information security.
His experience is regional, serving clients in the P&P industry and energy, food, and beverages, among others, mainly in wastewater treatment. Among the companies to which support has been provided, we can highlight:
Chile- Norske Skog Bio Bio Papers, CMPC Group, Arauco Group, CPP, SCA, Chimolsa, Wats, Prolesur, Colun, Codelco Andina, Omya, CAP. Mexico-Copamex- Pachisa, Pondercel, Smurfit, Unipak, SCA, Scribe, Fapatux, Mexicali Thermoelectric Plant, Tecate Brewery, EMSP, Celanese, Temex, Basf, Owens Corning, P&G. Brazil - IP, Norske Skog Pisa, Ripasa, Stora Enso, Cataguazes, Suzano, Fibria, CMPC. Uruguay- Fanapel, Ipusa. Colombia- Smurfit, Kimberly Clark, CAME, FEMSA, Familia Sancela, Coinsa. Venezuela- Smurfit, Kimberly Clark, POLAR Breweries, Molanca, Heinz Foods. Peru- Protisa and KC. Argentina- Zucamor, Papelera del Sur (Interpack), Tucuman Paper Mill. Bolivia- KC, Copelme. Nicaragua- Tip-Top, Pipasa. Costa Rica- Cinta Azul. Honduras- Alcón, Pronorsa (Cargill), Delicia. El Salvador- KC. Dominican Republic - Cesar Iglesias Paper Mill.


Water management and recovery

Session Three (all times BRT)

Friday, 6 August, 2021