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Román Cárdenas

Global Category Group Manager – Solid Board

Nestrade (Nestle)

Procurement professional with 15 years of experience in Leading FMCG companies including: Nestle, P&G and Kellogg's. Roman began his career in Finance at Kellogg’s starting as Business Partner and later Financial Planning Manager for Venezuela and Peru. Joined the paper industry in P&G with procurement roles in folding cartons and corrugate containers for LATAM. Later moved to the procurement of Surfactants for the Laundry Business and now coming back to the paper industry. Responsible for leading a diverse multicultural team who manage Nestlé's Global Solid Board / Folding Cartons portfolio. With branches in 3 hubs (Switzerland, Panama and Malaysia) the team manages the Sourcing Strategies, Initiatives and Commercial Relationships between Nestlé and the Solid Board Industry (Mills and Converters). Roman received a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineer and an MBA from IESA (Venezuela).



Packaging: Strengthening the Communication Across the Supply Chain: How Can I Get the Right Solution to the Right Customer?

Day 2

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

  • Consumer trends and experience are driving buyers to want better packaging, more environmentally friendly packaging and cheaper packaging. There is a sense of collaboration between buyers and packaging innovators to make the consumer experience better. How are producers and suppliers responding to these trends?
  • The response from plastics: how are they innovating to compete with paper?