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Tomas Anderson

Head of Sales

RISE Bioeconomy

Tomas Anderson was born in Sweden and has spent most of his career in the US, France, Germany, Italy and Austria. Always with a global perspective and multicultural assignments. As Head of Sales at RISE - Division Bioeconomy, he can fall back on more than 20 years of experience within the pulp, paper & packaging technology fields worldwide while leading the sales & business development efforts and reorganization for business development within the Bioeconomy field; mainly research and development projects based on the cellulose value chains.

He looks very much forward to sharing the latest on RISE, innovation in bioeconomy and how RISE sees opportunities in addressing the global issues of environmenal and industrial challengesa ahead by living the bioeconomy. Tomas graduated with a MSc in Paper Technology from the Royal Institute of Stockholm.


Panel Discussion: Innovation and development within pulp production

Day 1

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019

  • How the major pulp producers are developing products to increase market share
  • Exploring the product developments to capture new customer groups
  • What realistic opportunities are there in textiles?
  • Success stories in commercializing sidestreams
  • How the ‘Backlash against plastic’ is shaping new products:
  • The impacts of consumer digitalisation upon the industry
  • How growing environmentalism concerns are shaping the global industry