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Monday, 28 October, 2019 - 12:00

Day One


Registration and light lunch


Welcome remarks


Panel discussion:Challenges facing wood products markets in 2019 & beyond

  • BC and to lesser extent PNW capacity losses and the long term consequences
  • Impacts of US and Canadian trade and tariff dispute
  • US South mill run up – will all stated openings and expansions come to pass?

Wood products end-use markets outlook – residential and non-residential, industrial production, furniture demand

  • The current situation of residential repair and remodelling
  • Exploring levels of non-residential construction
  • How industrial production is shaping the housing sector
  • Impacts of furniture demand and production

North American Lumber Outlook– Another tumultuous year for the industry

  • Review the wave capacity curtailments in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest along with the rampup of sawmill capacity in the US South
  • Address the sluggish demand performance and key causes in 2019
  • Updates on the trade war and US-Canadian lumber dispute
  • What this means for the demand and supply balance for lumber over the coming years and risks ahead

Coffee and Tea Networking Break


Structural panels outlook – OSB capacity, import levels, profitability

  • The outlook for supply and demand
  • OSB capacity and levels within North America currently
  • Offshore import levels within structural panels
  • Exploring current and future profitability levels in the sector

Non-structural panels & EWP outlook – particleboard and MDF demand and design trends

  • Forecasting particleboard production and demand
  • MDF – Capacity and demand
  • Future design trends for interiors 

Fireside Chat with Industry CEO


Closing remarks


Registration and Networking Reception

Tuesday, 29 October, 2019 - 08:00

Day Two




Welcome remarks and presentation of the CEO of the Year Award


Keynote address from CEO winner Brad Southern

  • Understanding the work and initiatives over the last 12 months that have led FM RISI to award the CEO of the Year title
  • The personal work of the CEO of the Year to achieve this
  • Exploring the recent success stories of the organisation
  • How the vision of the CEO will shape the corporate strategy of the winning organisation over the next 12 months



CEO Panel – Trade and Trump tweets, tomorrow’s biggest industry issues, economic uncertainty, M&A, plastics

Sponsored by:


  • Assessing the extent that fiber is driving M&A within the industry
  • Macro and micro deal drivers behind the market movements
  • A frank assessment of industry performance
  • The likely prevalence of future private equity backing
  • Opportunities presented by the war on plastic – Are we ready for the challenge?

Coffee and Tea Networking Break


Macroeconomic overview – slowdown or recovery in the age of uncertainty

  • Where are we in terms of recovery?
  • Charting whether US growth will continue to increase
  • What needs to happen to facilitate this?
  • Exploring how the US and Chinese economies are intertwined
  • Trade disputes

Housing market – continuing underperformance, outlook for single-family and multifamily housing starts

  • The housing market recovery continues to underwhelm, despite low unemployment
  • Even with solid demographics, affordability concerns are stifling single family demand.
  • Multifamily demand remains solid, but lot availability and higher costs are making It challenging for construction to accelerate
  • This presentation will examine the underlying fundamental demand for shelter and household formations and what that will mean for housing starts through 2021.

Networking Lunch Break


John North

International Timber Economist

Fastmarkets RISI

International timber: agroforestry, log market trade wars, record volumes for chips in Asian markets

  • Agroforestry: While primarily a sector attracting only “impact investing” firms today, agroforestry and silvopastoral practices may offer benefits for main-line TIMOs and pension fund investors as well, in some situations.
  • International Log Markets: How have the “trade wars” impacted US exports of softwood and hardwood logs.
  • International Woodchip Markets: Record volumes being set in the Asian markets yet again in 2018, but a supply crisis is looming. News from RISI’s 10th International Woodfiber Conference in Durban.

Peter Barynin

Principal Economist, North American Timber

Fastmarkets RISI

North American Timber Outlook – Expected market solutions to the changing availability of wood fiber in the US South and BC

  • Quantifying harvest potential and the problem
  • Implications for industry restructuring and investment cycles
  • Identifying how long will these supply issues will last

Global Pulp Outlook: What a difference a year can make. The dramatic shift from tight markets to bloated inventories

  • Scoping supply and demand levels within the market
  • How environmental policies in China are continuing to shape international trade
  • Outlining and overcoming the major supply side disruptions

Coffee and Tea Networking Break


Global packaging M&A - intercontinental deal strategies: evanescent or inevitable?

  • Global & Regional Packaging and Paper M&A
  • Industry Performance
  • Macro & Micro Packaging Deal Drivers
  • Private Equity
  • M&A Outlook

Fiber replacing plastics, some great progress being made

  • The major global packaging innovation trends revealed
  • The brands and retailers getting packaging innovation right
  • Assessing the impact of the growing consumer desire for sustainability
  • How global anti-plastic sentiment is affecting fibre-based product demand and how plastic is fighting back
  • The impact of ‘greenwashing’ on influencing consumer demand



Cocktail Reception

Wednesday, 30 October, 2019 - 08:00

Day Three




North American boxboard outlook – impacts of trade war, China RCP policy, war on plastic and ecommerce

  • Market Conditions and Global Outlook

The impact of e-commerce on North American containerboard markets

  • Update on North American e-commerce growth trends
  • Impact of e-commerce on containerboard demand and market balance
  • Important risks and trends in e-commerce packaging

Ken Waghorne

Vice President, Global Packaging Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

North American containerboard outlook – Domestic, global and the effects of new capacity

  • Market Conditions and Global Outlook
  • Conversions – what impact are they having?

Coffee and Tea Networking Break



Anish Patel

General Superintendent Production - Containerboard


Big data in action – how much difference is IIoT making at mills




Anish Patel

General Superintendent Production - Containerboard


Panel Discussion: Running a mill in the 21st Century

  • Knocking days off mill maintenance shutdowns
  • Methods of digitally measuring and managing production for better efficiencies

Networking Lunch Break



Ryan Burgess

Product Manager - Mill Intelligence

Fastmarkets RISI

Sheila Rezak

Product Manager - Mill Intelligence

Fastmarkets RISI

The United States of corrugators (and Canada, too): A regional comparative of the corrugated supply chain

  • Background: Why corrugators study? What factors can affect corrugating plant competitiveness?
  • Basic of corrugating and methodology
  • Regional characteristics
  • Containerboard cost competitiveness in North America

Hannah Zhao

Senior Economist, Global Recovered Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

The global RCP markets - the great uncertainty over Asia

  • China's RCP import regulation and the impact on global RCP markets
  • Changing demand/supply dynamics in North American RCP Markets
  • Uncertainty over Asia

Specialty fibers: are dissolving pulp & fluff pulp really insulated from paper grade volatility?

  • Overview of the global dissolving pulp and fluff pulp markets
  • Examining key demand drivers: VSF capacity expansion, demographic trends and growth in per capita income
  • Outlook for supply: ambitious capacity expansion plans have been announced for DP, but much less so for fluff
  • Potential pitfalls: pricing parity for substitute goods and shifting consumer preferences in crucial emerging markets

Coffee and Tea Networking Break


Global tissue outlook - North American market in a very dynamic phase

  • Recent years showed very strong growth in North America – will it continue?
  • Trade wars continue – what could be the consequences?
  • What are the main reasons for the ongoing major investment wave?
  • Will changing quality requirements lead to restructuring in the industry?
  • Global outlook – will overcapacity continue?

John Maine

Vice President, Graphic Papers

Fastmarkets RISI

Global outlook for graphic papers: accelerating demand slide and waning opportunities for conversions mean tough choices and decline in profitability

  • Demand forecast by grade for every region of the world
  • Possible acceleration of demand slide in developed world
  • A few countries such as India still growing
  • Numerous capacity closures/conversions offsetting demand slide in Europe and North America
  • Future opportunities for conversions to packaging are limited
  • Capacity growth has slowed or stopped in Asia
  • Trade wars causing explosion of tariff protection measures and distorting word trade and prices
  • Profitability for the industry could deteriorate over the next two years from a peak in early 2019
  • More consolidation likely as the market continues to shrink

Close of Conference

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