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Monday, 5 October, 2020 - 12:00

Session One

All times are set in Eastern Standard Time. 


Welcome Remarks




Ashlee Cribb

SVP – Chief Commercial Officer

Roseburg Forest Products 

Panel Discussion: North American Wood products

  • Overview of the U.S. timber/lumber markets
  • Impact of COVID-19 on supply routes
  • Challenges within the wood products market
  • Forecast for the future

Wood products end use markets

  • Overview of US and Canadian housing
  • Exploring growth in residential repair and remodelling
  • Challenges for non-residential construction
  • How the recovery in industrial production is shaping up
  • Analysis of the current furniture market

Virtual Networking Break


Outlook for North American lumber in the wake of COVID-19

  • A review of COVID-19’s impacts on lumber markets and what this means for our demand outlook through 2022
  • How has Fastmarkets’ capacity outlook changed, particularly for high cost regions like the BC Interior and US West Coast
  • European dimension lumber continues to make headway in North American markets…is this a temporary phenomenon or a secular trend?
  • Analysis regarding impact of duty and stumpage adjustments for Canadian producers how this will shift the industry cash cost curve





Panel Discussion: Advancing the next generation of mass timber in North America

  • Trends in the mass timber market
  • Keeping control of costs for mass timber projects
  • Speed of construction and impact on project timelines
  • Solutions for common challenges from manufacturing to delivering the final project
  • What does the future of mass timber look like and how ready for it are we?

Fastmarkets RISI outlook structural panels – OSB capacity, import levels, profitability

  • The outlook for supply and demand
  • OSB capacity and levels within North America currently
  • Offshore import levels within structural panels
  • Exploring current and future profitability levels in the sector

Virtual Networking Break



Jeff Redd

Associate Editor

Fastmarkets RISI

ROUNDTABLE: Is the switch to working from home the biggest disruptor for the wood products market at the moment?

  • Take part in this informal discussion to have a conversation about market disruptors
  • All of the day 1 RISI speakers will be present for you to chat with
  • An opportunity to network with delegates who have similar business interests

Fastmarkets RISI outlook for North American particleboard, MDF & engineered wood products

  • Examination of key end use market
  • Trends in supply and demand
  • Changes in capacity given mill openings and closings
  • The effects of trade on market supply
  • Analysis of past and future costs and profitability


Jeff Redd

Associate Editor

Fastmarkets RISI


CEO fireside chat and Q&A

  • Key industry trends for the market
  • Challenges and opportunities within wood products
  • Potential disruptors for the future

Close of Session One

Tuesday, 6 October, 2020 - 12:30

Session Two

All times are set in Eastern Standard Time. 


Greg Rudder

Managing Editor

Fastmarkets RISI PPI Pulp & Paper Week, News, Markets & Prices

Welcome remarks


Presentation of the CEO of the Year Award

It is our honor to award the CEO of the year to Anthony Pratt of Pratt Industries


Keynote address from CEO winner Anthony Pratt

Thoughts on the market in 2020 and looking ahead to the future




Mike Doss


Graphic Packaging Holding Company

CEO Panel - Discussion on the New Normal

A roundtable discussion with the region’s leading executives

  • Key changes within the pulp and paper and building markets
  • Key market trends and forecasts
  • Challenges and opportunities within the industry
  • Looking ahead: future market disruptors

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Virtual Networking Break


Macroeconomics and the global economy

  • How has the COVID-19 impacted global trade and industries
  • How should businesses respond to falling stock prices and a likely recession
  • When might we expect to see the global economy start to recover?

Outlook for the US housing market – recovering from COVID-19 shutdown, outlook for single-family and multifamily housing starts

  • The housing market recovery began 2020 on a strong note but slowed as the economy shuttered
  • Even with solid demographics, the economic fallout of the COVID-19 shutdown colors the outlook
  • Multifamily and affordable housing fundamentals were solid prior to COVID-19, but the fallout from the virus creates uncertainty for 2021
  • This presentation will examine the underlying fundamental demand for shelter and household formations and what that will mean for housing starts through 2022

John North

Senior Economist, International Timber

Fastmarkets RISI

Outlook for the Asian softwood log trade

  • The US/China Trade War has persisted and has made life difficult for US log exporters, where are the alternative markets?
  • The spruce beetle devastated Central European forests and dumped a surplus of fiber onto the market, what is the impact on prices?
  • Emerging economies in Southeast Asia are not importing significant volumes of logs, but is there a change on the horizon? 

Virtual Networking Break


Peter Barynin

Principal Economist, North American Timber

Fastmarkets RISI

US Sawtimber Markets: Has COVID changed the outlook permanently?

  • How has COVID change the long-term timber economy?
  • Will there be a catch-up period?
  • Which regions are actually better off due to the pandemic?
  • What is our 2-year sawtimber outlook by region?

World Pulp Outlook: disparate trends from the pandemic create crosscurrents for pulp demand

  • The disparate trends for pulp end-use markets and regions due to the pandemic
  • How have the crosscurrents in the pulp market impacted market pulp demand?
  • The ongoing cycle of large volumes of unexpected downtime
  • Review of the capacity expansion projects planned over the next two years

Close of Session Two

Wednesday, 7 October, 2020 - 12:15

Session Three

All times are set in Eastern Standard Time.


Welcome Remarks



Heidi Brock

President and CEO, American Forest & Paper Association


Interview: Covid-19 impact on U.S. pulp and paper and forest products industry

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the U.S. pulp and paper markets
  • AF&PA Sustainability Goals
  • Market trends for pulp and all paper grades


Paul Quinn

MD, Global Financial Institutions

Royal Bank of Canada


Don Kayne

President and Chief Executive Officer


CEO Panel Discussion: The COVID-19 impact on industry business and the supply chain, and keeping up-to-speed going forward

  • Covid-19 – operational challenges and opportunities
  • Building material boom – what set this up and how long can it last?
  • Diversification – Product and  Geography – benefits and drawbacks

Virtual Networking Break


Ken Waghorne

Vice President, Global Packaging

Fastmarkets RISI

North American paper packaging outlook

  • Overview of containerboard and boxboard markets
  • How did demand hold up during the Covid crisis?
  • Will shifts in consumer sentiments alter demand in 2021-2022?
  • Is excess capacity still a possibility?

Hannah Zhao

Senior Economist, Global Recovered Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

Recovered paper session

  • Review of COVID-19’s impacts on RCP markets
  • Trends in demand and supply
  • The effects of trade on global market dynamics

Virtual Networking Break


Global tissue outlook: Has COVID-19 changed the prospects?

  • Disparate developments in the consumer and AfH sectors in 2020
  • The first half of 2020 very positive for the industry except AfH mills
  • More attention to high hygienic standards may help also in the longer term
  • Global growth increasingly focusing on emerging markets, especially Asia

Global Fluff Pulp Outlook: Is fluff really insulated from a recession?

  • Overview of fluff pulp demand trends and key drivers
  • Rapidly shifting population and income dynamics
  • Consumption rates adjusted for AHP trade flows
  • Identifying risks and hotspots for future growth

Derek Mahlburg

Director, North American Graphic Paper

Fastmarkets RISI

Global Printing & Writing Outlook: Moving past collapse

  • Overview of global printing & writing market and impact of coronavirus
  • Prospects for demand by grade post-crisis
  • Oversupply and conversions
  • Risks and scenario analysis for demand, supply and mill closures

Event Closes

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