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Dustin Jalbert

Senior Economist, Wood Products

Fastmarkets RISI

Dustin Jalbert leads the lumber analysis on Fastmarkets RISI's Wood Products team, where he is responsible for the monthly Lumber Commentary and the North American Lumber 5- and 15-Year Forecasts. Prior to joining the Wood Products team, Dustin was a member of Fastmarkets RISI's Global Packaging team, providing forecasting and economic analysis along with research for multi-client studies. He also worked on Fastmarkets RISI's fiber team for over two years, assisting with such publications as Fastmarkets RISI's World Pulp Monthly, the World Pulp and Recovered Paper Forecast, and the World Dissolving Pulp Monitor. Dustin has co-authored a number of multi-client studies including the Outlook for the World Fluff Pulp Market (2014), The World Boxboard Study (2015) and the Outlook for Mexico's Paper Packaging Market (2016). Dustin holds a master's degree in International Finance and Economics from Brandeis University and a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Maine.



North American lumber outlook: Will unprecedented volatility continue to rock the industry?

Session One - The Future of the Wood Products Market

Monday, 27 September, 2021 - 12:00

  • What are the underlying drivers of the historic pricing volatility? How does inventory in distribution, pandemic related supply constraints, and surging remodeling demand fit into the picture?
  • To what degree will the work from home movement, outmigration from urban cores and demographic trends impact lumber demand in the coming years?
  • Do we have sufficient sawmill capacity in North America to meet the step-change in demand the market is currently experiencing? And if not, where can more supply be sourced?
  • Can the current cash bonanza the industry is experiencing be sustained beyond 2021?

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