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Thomas Meth

Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Thomas Meth is a Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Enviva, the world’s largest producer of sustainable wood pellets that provide power and utility companies around the globe with a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. In this role, Mr. Meth oversees the company’s global sales strategy by working with global utility companies, regulators and external stakeholders to develop and execute contracts that will grow and expand Enviva’s customer base.

As climate change continues to be one of the greatest environmental, social and economic challenges facing the world today, Mr. Meth has been widely successfully in educating international decision makers and regulators on the importance of biomass in reducing carbon emissions and achieving international ‘Net Zero’ climate targets by 2050. Mr. Meth currently works with global heat and power utility companies across the U.S., Asia, Europe and the Caribbean to lower their dependence on coal and other fossil fuels and transition their energy grid to carbon-neutral alternatives. To date, Enviva has an annual production capacity of 6.2 million metric tons of sustainable wood pellets a year and currently employs more than 1,200 people across the globe.

Prior to co-founding Enviva in 2004, Mr. Meth was Head of Sales and Marketing for Colfax Corporation where he managed a team of 100 and oversaw 50 million Euros in sales per year across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Before Colfax, Mr. Meth was Director of Sales at Europay Austria (now PayLife) where he supervised Master Credit Card sales and managed the acquisition of businesses for MasterCard, Maestro and the Electronic Purse.

In 2011, Mr. Meth helped launch the U.S. Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA), a not-for-profit trade association promoting sustainability and safety practices within the U.S. wood energy industry. Originally elected as Vice Chairman of the board in 2011, Mr. Meth became the Chairman of the board in 2016. Mr. Meth is also the Treasurer and a board member of #forestproud, a diverse group of individuals, companies, non-profits, government agencies, and organizations across North America united by a shared ethic of forest stewardship.

Mr. Meth holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in Austria, and a Master of Business Administration from The Darden Graduate School of Business at The University of Virginia.  Born in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Meth currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife and children and is fluent in Austrian, German and English.


The role of biomass in the global energy transition to net-zero

Session One - The Future of the Wood Products Market

Monday, 27 September, 2021 - 12:00

  • What innovations/applications are on the forefront of the global energy transition?
  • The role of biomass in net zero America in 2050?
  • How sustainable is biomass as an energy?
  • Projections for the rise in demand for wood pellets in the U.S. and around the world

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