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Wednesday, 8 November, 2017



Registration and Opening Cocktail Reception

Thursday, 9 November, 2017

Day One




Keynote Address - Global Economy

View to the current status of global economy, its trends and the prospects for the global economy over the next two years, focusing on the Latin American outlook.


US - Mexico Trade Outlook

Dr. Wood will discuss the deep integration of the North American economies and the impact of that integration for the packaging industry. Next, he will examine the background to the current NAFTA talks, the main issues on the table and the negotiating positions of the three governments. In addition, he will evaluate the prospects for a speedy resolution of the negotiations, and for ratification by national congresses.  Lastly, he will give a long term perspective on the future of trade from both economic and political angles.


Networking Coffee and Tea Break


Global Containerboard Outlook


Latin American Containerboard Outlook

The purpose of the presentation is to analyze the containerboard market in two of the largest countries in Latin America, Mexico and Brazil. We will discuss the similarities and differences in relation to the containerboard market in these two regions. Containerboard market in Latin America: differences and similarities between Mexico and Brazil.


The Mexican Market - A Success Story of Consolidation

The purpose of this session is to offer an updated perspective of the Mexican corrugated packaging market. This sector has been experiencing an increasing M&A activity, capital investments to increase installed capacity, and a growing consumer market.

The packaging industry in Mexico is growing at attractive rates in spite of a general feeling of uncertainty, a 5% growth for 2017 is estimated by the Mexican Packaging Association (AMME). Paper packaging represents 26% of the total packaging in Mexico.

Grupo Gondi’s history has showed how organic growth combined with strategic M&As and cost-take-out strategies can result in a strong positioning on a volatile economy.

Gondi went through an institutionalization of the family-owned business, together with high technological investments and process standardization to sustain a competitive position.

Over the last 10 years, Gondi has focused on customer services, a professional management and lately on the acquisition of packaging companies to diversify its business mix, upgrading productive capacity with state-of-the-art equipment, venture into new markets, and diversify into new markets with main emphasis in high graphic packaging (sexy boxes) to differentiate our customers products on the POP.

All of these achievements provided the basis for our joint venture with WestRock, which is an alliance of values, expertise, know how and strategy to guarantee a continuous growth into the future.

The Group currently has broaden its presence in Mexico with 15 sites strategically located around the nation and more than 7,500 employees.

By the end of this presentation attendees will get a clear idea of the current situation of the paper packaging industry in Mexico, and how a family owned company has transitioned successfully into a position of market leadership.


Doing Business with Mexico in the New US Administration Times


Networking Luncheon




Panel Discussion: E-commerce Packaging Potential and Specifics in the Americas


Brazil Outlook – Containerboard, Sack Kraft and Corrugated Board


Networking Coffee and Tea Break


Global Recovered Paper Market Outlook

  • Global demand and supply dynamics for RCP: focus on OCC
  • Global RCP trade dynamics: history and future
  • China’s new RCP import policy and its potential impact on global RCP markets 

Networking Cocktail Reception


Close of Day One

Friday, 10 November, 2017

Day Two




Central and South America Containerboard and Corrugated Board Outlook


Chile Containerboard and Corrugated Board Outlook


Beverage Cartons Recycling

Beverage carton packages are very convenient for consumers. they keep food safe, available everywhere and can be easily disposed. As this type of package is one-way, recycling is important to the business. In this presentation, we are going to show how beverage cartons recycling works and how pulp and paper market can benefit on that. Pulp properties can increase final products quality by adding a raw material which is at the first recycling cycle. Polyethylene and aluminum (PolyAl) are separated in the pulper and can also be easily recycled in several ways avoiding disposing costs and generating incomes. Extruded composites, panelboards and roofing tiles are examples for PolyAl recycling. This recycling model is a reality all over the world.  An overview for this business in Latin America will be presented. 


Networking Coffee and Tea Break


Consolidation in the Packaging Industry and Other Key Business Influencers

The presentation will highlight key topics from Sarilee’s 2-volume study of the future for North American containerboard and corrugated. The study explores key challenges facing this vital industry going forward, including the market’s evolution since Sarilee’s original report in 2010 and detailed, actionable insights about where the industry is headed:

• The impact of industry consolidation, as market power has become concentrated among the largest suppliers and as independents are acquired to increase integration, expand geographic reach and enhance specialty capabilities.

• The impact of greenfield capacity additions and machine conversions on competitive strategies and lighter weight containerboard market development.

• How online marketing and distribution may be the game changer that recharges this industry and what new opportunities and challenges e-commerce is creating. 

• The impact of customers’ initiatives to address sustainability through packaging design and innovation




Jose Rolon


Corrugadora Centro (Argentina)

Corrugated Packaging Panel Discussion

  • The discussion will focus on the sales strategies that companies in Latin America must do in a changing environment of paper prices.
  • Operational efficiency strategies focused on minimizing costs and improving profitability in a context of paper increases.
  • Main trends seen in the agricultural carton markets in Latin America.

Close of Conference