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Duncan Wood

Director, Mexico Institute

Wilson Center

Duncan Wood, Director of the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, is a “North American citizen,” lecturing and publishing widely in the United States, Mexico and Canada on intracontinental issues and relations, with a primary focus on U.S.-Mexican ties. A widely-quoted authority on energy policy, international banking regulation and corruption, he works closely with the World Economic Forum and leverages decades of experience at Mexico’s leading universities and newspapers.


US - Mexico Trade Outlook

Day One

Thursday, 9 November, 2017

Dr. Wood will discuss the deep integration of the North American economies and the impact of that integration for the packaging industry. Next, he will examine the background to the current NAFTA talks, the main issues on the table and the negotiating positions of the three governments. In addition, he will evaluate the prospects for a speedy resolution of the negotiations, and for ratification by national congresses.  Lastly, he will give a long term perspective on the future of trade from both economic and political angles.

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