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Fernando Neves

Technical Recycling Manager

Tetra Pak

Fernando Neves, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering by São Carlos Federal University in Brazil with research focusing on beverage cartons recycling. Works at Tetra Pak as Technical Recycling Manager for Americas. Have implemented and collaborated to post consumption packages recycling in several countries all over the world.

Joined Tetra Pak in 1997 and since then, have developed technologies to recycle all the layers on a beverage carton, adding value to the polyethylene and aluminium which is considered waste at paper mills that uses the pulp to replace cellulose. Also worked as executive environmental manager focusing on sustainability strategies and environmental management including implementation of ISO 14001 and FSC certification.

Before present position worked in paper industry and got specialization on Papermaking by S. Paulo University in Brazil.


Beverage Cartons Recycling

Day Two

Friday, 10 November, 2017

Beverage carton packages are very convenient for consumers. they keep food safe, available everywhere and can be easily disposed. As this type of package is one-way, recycling is important to the business. In this presentation, we are going to show how beverage cartons recycling works and how pulp and paper market can benefit on that. Pulp properties can increase final products quality by adding a raw material which is at the first recycling cycle. Polyethylene and aluminum (PolyAl) are separated in the pulper and can also be easily recycled in several ways avoiding disposing costs and generating incomes. Extruded composites, panelboards and roofing tiles are examples for PolyAl recycling. This recycling model is a reality all over the world.  An overview for this business in Latin America will be presented. 

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