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Humberto Treviño


Washington Box

HUMBERTO TREVINO is the President of Washington Box, a corrugated sheet plant converter located in Monterrey Mexico. With 20 years in the market, 90% of its products are exported worldwide through its customers.  Mr. Trevino has been a very proactive member of the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters in North America - AICC- where he has been member of the board of directors for the last 17 years, he is also a founding member of the AICC Mexico, past president and board member since 2001. The Membership gave him the Hall of Fame award in 2016, the maximum recognition for an industry leader.

His formal education includes time in the UK, a degree in Communications with focus on Human Relations, International Commerce, Business High Direction, and all kind of specialization within the corrugated industry in Canada, the US, and Mexico. 

As an industry leader, he has represented the Mexican Association of box makers in different forums like the Association of Corrugated Converters for the Caribbean, Central and South America, Canada, The USA as well as China, where he has been several times a guest speaker to business men of Asia, Latin America and the NAFTA countries.

Mr. Trevino is also a very committed person with his community, he is the chairman of 3 charity foundations; the first one, supports a middle school with the highest results in learning nationwide, the second one, provides scholarships and mentoring service to high potential with low income students, and the third one, provides eye surgery to people in need.


Doing Business with Mexico in the New US Administration Times

Day One

Thursday, 9 November, 2017

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