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Juán Javier González



Juan Javier González Padilla is the founder and General Director of Cartró. González is an Industrial Engineer who graduated from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, and has been in the corrugating industry for 26 years. He started his business with a small, “homemade” corrugated machine. Today, his business has grown to be the largest independent corrugated company in México.

A continuous learner, he has a Master in Business (IPADE), and graduated in History and Culture of Mexico (Universidad Panamericana). Mr. González was AICC’s President from 2009 to 2012.

Mr.J.J. González is happily married and a proud father of four children. 


Corrugated Packaging Panel Discussion

Day Two

Friday, 10 November, 2017

  • The discussion will focus on the sales strategies that companies in Latin America must do in a changing environment of paper prices.
  • Operational efficiency strategies focused on minimizing costs and improving profitability in a context of paper increases.
  • Main trends seen in the agricultural carton markets in Latin America.

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